Historical Romance — A Universe from the Mind of Daniella Kirsten
Tale as old as rhyme, tune as old as time... These novels are made to warm your hearts and tickle your senses. They will bring you back to the times of Lords and Ladies and "True Love" is not fiction.
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1 The Viscount Heartbreaker
Daniella Kirsten James Lindford, Viscount Farley, has returned from the Orient, feted and celebrated... until his past catches up with him. It seems the Viscount's randy ways have resulted in the juiciest scandal of the season: he has brought his natural-born children into his household to raise. Now, abandoned by his fiancee and hounded by the gossips, he has retreated to his country estate, only to find his children more than a handful of trouble. Worse, the most tempting woman on earth is right next door...
Codes: MF cons rom hist 1st
Sex: Minimal Sex
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2 A Marq's Woman
Tentativeness This story takes place in an imaginary world that's almost nothing like ours. You can expect war between two planets, magic, fantasy animals and creatures, homosexual love and falling for the enemy. Follow young Sisters, Kistle and Ginny, as they break free from their Saintly sisterhood practices and experience life for the first time.
Codes: MF cons reluc het fict hist paranormal interr BM 1st
Sex: Much Sex
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3 Roman Passion
Jana Cleveland A Roman gladiator romances and proposes to a widowed emperess
Codes: MF cons rom het hist oral
Sex: Much Sex
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