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Reviews by rvbuilder
About rvbuilder:
Have been an avid reader all my life. Since I have discovered SoL, it is my main source of reading material. From my reading here I have discovered I am a romantic! I really enjoy stories that have happy endings between (usually) two people who live happily ever after. By the same token, I'm not opposed to a well-told cheating wife story, especially those of the BTB variety, and especially the ones that end up with two people riding happily off into the sunset together.

With apologies to the writers of certain stories, I have absolutely no interest in gay, BDSM, torture, or rape. I will read some incest and multi-partner stories, but not those that hit my squick button. I will only review the stories I like, and if I ever have CONSTRUCTIVE criticism for an author I will contact him/her privately. Thank you for reading my reviews, and I hope they encourage you to read those stories.

Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
Second Chance WTSman 2018-01-27 10 10 10
Fool's Gold capecodmercury 2018-01-05 9 9 10
A Christmas Wish A.A. Nemo 2017-12-19 8 9 10
Accidental Landlord Tedbiker 2017-12-11 10 9 10
The Bare Necessities Tedbiker 2017-12-10 10 10 10
Paint It Black Jake Rivers 2017-12-08 9 9 10
Finding The Right Woman DG Hear 2017-12-03 8 8 10
A Man of Regular Habits Tedbiker 2017-11-30 10 10 10
Anne Tedbiker 2017-10-31 10 9 10
Garden E. Z. Riter 2017-10-30 10 9 10
Legal Misunderstanding stev2244 2017-10-29 8 8 10
I Won My Wife With a Baseball Bet Mister NiceGuy 2017-10-24 10 8 10
Sailboat Passage Mulligan 2017-10-24 9 9 10
Nina oyster50 2017-10-22 10 9 10
Annie and the Junk Man Unca D 2017-10-04 9 9 10
Diamond Rose Cotton Nightie 2017-09-25 8 8 10
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