Battlemage Nonetheless: Book 1 - Displacement by Risq

Author's Description:
James "Dusty" Mitchell thought it couldn't get any worse. He was orphaned at an early age, his last living relative died before he reached 21, and he just saw his girlfriend who he was going to ask him to marry him in the arms of another man in a night club. And just when he thought his life couldn't get anymore screwed up he saves an old man from being assaulted outside a bar and the old man turns everything he thought he knew about the world on its ear...
Size: 294 KB ( ~ 55,751 words)
Genre: Fantasy
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Fiction, Cheating, Slow

Review by fuzzywuzzy   [other reviews by fuzzywuzzy]

Reviewed: 2009-10-11

Take a sucker who falls desperately in love with a three-timing bitch, throw in some STDs, a mysterious old man, another timeline on another world, a bevy of beautiful young maidens, some of whom may not be maidenly enough, and one true virgin, and a Guild of magicians who are in desperate need of the first Battlemage in a millenium, and a really nice love story, and the only thing missing are Dungeons and Dragons, and you have the makings of a fun series of tales of derring do; well I hope so!

This is not a really erotic stroke story, but one never really misses it. Alas there is no way to eliminate the vote.

So, enjoy!

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10