Wish of Jeanie by RejectReality

Author's Description:
With her boys gone for the weekend, Jeanie is determined to catch up on all of the housework before she settles in to relax. The washer is broken, so it's off to the laundromat, where the young attendant and his friend catch her eye. This Jeanie is going to grant some wishes -- especially her own.
Size: 33 KB ( ~ 6,258 words)
Genre: Erotica
Sex Contents: Stroke Story
Tags: Ma/Fa, Mult, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Cream Pie

Review by Belinda LaPage   [other reviews by Belinda LaPage]

Reviewed: 2014-11-14

Jeanie's a single mother whose life is just too busy for her to tend her needs properly. Her most meaningful relationship of recent years has been with her faithful vibrator and she can scarcely remember what it feels like to be wanted by a man.
With the kids visiting grandparents, there's some long neglected chores that Jeanie needs to get sorted, and she gets more of them sorted at the laundromat than she anticipated.


RejectReality has a lot of stories and I have little time; sadly I will never read all of them. I chose this one for a few reasons; it scored very well for a stroke story (7.74), but had very few votes(64), so it seemed worthy of a bump. It was also last in RR's alphabetical list of stories, and the lead character shares a name with the lead from a novella I am writing at the moment.

RR asks us in his bio to suspend disbelief while we read; these stories are not about plausibility, they're about sex.
Now that could just be an excuse for a lazy one-handed typist to avoid creating a plot and having to make connections between a character's thoughts and their actions. I don't know whether RR types one-handed or not, but he is not lazy when it comes to plot and character.
Don't misunderstand me, there are no twists and turns here; Jeanie's journey to the laundromat turns out pretty much exactly as you'd imagine, but the point is that the author committed to creating a character in desperate need of a solid fucking, put her in a situation where one was available, and made all of the connections necessary to progress her mental state from exhausted mum to 'fill me with cum.'

And all of this in a tidy little package that you can read in about 30 minutes (5859 words). Bravo!

I am on the record as a reluctant reader of MMF fantasies. All too often I find them filled with guys high-fiving over some gagging, spit-roasted cum slut, dropping witticisms like 'Dude, leave some tight in that pussy for me'.

Happily, 'Wish of Jeanie' is different in several ways. Importantly, it is narrated by Jeanie, so even if the guys are thinking misogynistic thoughts, we are not privy to them. In fact, it is Jeanie who seems to be in control of the fantasy of fucking two hot young bucks, who are very realistically stunned and delighted to have a hot MILF act out their randy, unsophisticated fantasies.

In fact, I think that is my favorite part of this story; that the guys remain respectful and everyone remains dignified even as they fall prey to their own carnal desires.


PLOT: Amazing (10) - This is a 10 on a 5000 word Stroke-Story scale; don't go looking for Steinbeck-line layers in here. The Stroke-Story contract makes no promises of plot, so RejectReality over-delivered by giving us a character with whom we can empathize and a short story progression that we can follow without getting in the way of the sex.

TECHNICAL: Very Good (8) - There is a passage of sublime sexy banter between Jeanie and Joe that is marred by an absence of "he said" and "she saids". RR clearly knows how to weave dialogue into thoughts, feelings and actions, because there are other sections in this story where it is well done, although the words themselves aren't as clever as the earlier banter.

Otherwise the prose is sharp and well-structured with no typos.

APPEAL TO ME: Great (9) - It's a long review and I haven't mentioned the sex yet, which is odd, not just because it's a stroke-story but because it is also brilliantly rendered. Jeanie's orgasms are described in loving detail, as are her sexy thoughts and feelings as she is plundered by these two insatiable cocks.
Why the 9? I'm a sucker for an insertion scene. I would love to see the same level of detail and skill as was used to describe Jeanie's orgasms, dedicated to gently teasing and opening her, and then the long, slow ecstasy as he stretches her and feeds his thick cock into her.
But I quibble. It was wonderful, steamy and hot.

VERDICT: Great (9) - This story deserves many more readers.

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 8 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9