Wish of Jeanie

by RejectReality

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: With her boys gone for the weekend, Jeanie is determined to catch up on all of the housework before she settles in to relax. The washer is broken, so it's off to the laundromat, where the young attendant and his friend catch her eye. This Jeanie is going to grant some wishes -- especially her own.

Jeanie waved goodbye to her two boys as her parents pulled away. She knew that she was going to miss them while they were gone for the weekend, but also knew that she needed the break.

Unfortunately, that break wouldn't really start until she finished catching up on the housework. There were too many things that she'd put off, and she knew that she simply couldn't relax until each and every one of them was done. She tied back her strawberry blonde tresses, and went to work.

The hours slipped by, and it was quite late by the time she was down to the final task. The new washing machine wouldn't arrive until Monday, and virtually everything in the house was dirty.

Jeanie was down to a top that was too tight, and a skirt that was too short for her tastes — especially for going out into public. As late as it would be when she arrived, she wasn't all that concerned with running into too many people, though. The newer laundromat on the other side of town drew most of the business.

She needed at least a brief rest before loading up the car, though. With a glass of water in hand, she sat down on the couch and flipped on the television. Her eyebrows shot up when she saw a shadowed love scene playing out. She then breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that both recording lights were on for the DVR. It had set the channel, which meant that she hadn't left it there, and her boys hadn't turned it there.

The scene, no matter how brief, was heated, and reminded Jeanie about how long it had been since she'd been with anyone.

It was hardly relaxing.

Jeanie cancelled the recording with a sigh, and flipped over to the game show channel until she finished her water. She felt as if she was ready to tackle the laundry, and took everything to the car.

Jeanie hauled in her six baskets; glad to find the laundromat empty of anyone except the attendant and a friend chatting with him. She set to work, loading up washers, and sighing at the mountains of quarters she was going to spend before this evening was over.

More than once, she saw the two young men looking her way. Their glances made her feel a little unnerved, but also flattered. She guessed that they were both just out of high school, and to have two such young men take notice of her was hard to ignore.

She also couldn't help but notice that they were attractive. The shorts and t-shirts that the pair wore showed off their muscles, and Jeanie found that she had a hard time keeping her eyes from wandering toward them. The attendant had light brown hair, and was a little taller. His friend had almost coal-dark hair, and was deliciously muscled.

Jeanie glanced down as she loaded the last washer, and let out a nearly silent sigh of relief. She could feel her nipples stiffening against her bra, and she was concerned that they might be visible through her top.

Jeanie sat down and put her nose in the book that she'd brought with her, but knew from the moment that she opened it that it was a bad idea. The racy romance novel was the last thing that was going to distract her from the surge of arousal that had come over her. The bookmark sat right at the beginning of a heated coupling between the characters in the book.

The novel went back into her purse, and Jeanie looked around for something to read instead. She noticed that the two men had vanished at about the same time that she saw a stack of magazines on the attendant's counter. Thankful that she wouldn't have to keep her eyes and hormones under control in the process, she walked up to the counter to select a magazine.

With a safe home and garden magazine in hand, Jeanie turned to walk back to her chair. She just caught the sound of voices coming from the back room, and for some reason, her body refused to obey her commands to continue back to her seat.

The voices were quiet, just above whispers, but the acoustics of the building somehow dulled the sound of the washers just enough for her to hear every word.

"Her ass looks great when she bends over."

"No joke. She's got big tits, too."

"Oh hell yeah. I'd hit that."

"Not if I got to it first. Man, I would tear that pussy up."

"Sloppy seconds, maybe."

"Fuck you."

"No — fuck her. Then you can have a turn."

Jeanie hurried away from the counter — her eyes wide, her breathing quick, and her pussy tingling. She didn't think that the pair behind the door could have hit on her fantasies any better if she'd written them a list. She took her seat, feeling more hot and bothered than she had in years, and tried to push the thoughts away.

It didn't work.

With the upsurge in her son's after-school activities, Jeanie hadn't found any time to date in over a year. It had been even longer since she'd had sex with anyone other than her vibrator or her fingers. She'd always had an elevated sex drive, and lack of opportunity since her divorce had done little to change that. She couldn't stop the images drifting into her head, and after a few minutes, she didn't even try.

"Hey, I think your washers are shutting off."

Jeanie started, and her cheeks immediately warmed. She'd been staring through the magazine, daydreaming about the attendant's cock in her mouth while his friend took her hard and fast.

"Thank you," she managed to respond, and then stood up to empty the washers. She could feel the damp spot in her panties as she walked over to the machines.

Emptying the washers did nothing to turn her thoughts away from sex, either. She could feel two sets of eyes on her every time she bent into the washer, and confirmed it when she secretly glanced toward the counter a couple of times. The thought of them admiring her body only made her hotter. She swore that she could hear them whispering about how much they'd like to fuck her every time she transported a basket of clothes to the dryers, which were out of sight of the counter.

Once Jeanie started the last dryer, she returned to her seat. She was really beginning to think that she would have to go home and masturbate, or go crazy from the sexy thoughts assaulting her.

"Uhm ... Would you say anything if I went ahead and locked up? Someone always seems to come in at the last minute and keep me here an extra hour."

Again, the attendant's voice startled her from her fantasy, and this time, he was standing right in front of her. Jeanie looked up upon hearing the voice, and her eyes homed in on the bulge in his shorts — a rather significant one.

Jeanie snapped her eyes up to his, fighting down a shiver from the tingle shooting up her spine. "That's fine. I used to work in a grocery store, and I know how annoying it is for someone to come in at the last minute."

"Cool. Thanks," he said, and then walked toward the doors.

Jeanie caught one more quick look at his bulge, and then a glimpse of his tight butt as well, when he returned to the counter. She quickly snapped her eyes back down to her magazine when she saw a knowing smile on the other young man's face. She knew that he must have seen her checking out his friend's butt.

She couldn't resist looking toward the pair a few seconds later. Neither was making much effort to hide their looks in her direction now. Both were smiling — obviously flirting — and before she realized what she was doing, Jeanie was flirting back.

At first, it was simply a returned smile. Then, she smoothed back her hair and let out a sigh, the motion causing her tightly constrained breasts to lift. Some small part of her continued to admonish her to behave herself.

They're half your age. Just because they're looking doesn't mean anything.

The pair behind the counter frequently whispered to each other, and vanished into the back room twice more while the dryers ran. All the while, Jeanie's hormones were at a roiling boil.

When the first dryer stopped, Jeanie saw the attendant's friend walk out into the room just as she reached the machine. He made a show of digging for change for the soda machine, but he certainly wasn't trying hard.

Jeanie wondered just how far she could take the flirting, and her little fantasy. A crooked grin decorated her face as she opened the dryer and bent over far more than necessary to reach inside. When she emerged with an armload of clothes, she saw the young man admiring her ass, and doing little to hide it.

Another dryer stopped. Jeanie saw a pair of her panties tumble down from the side of the stopped drum. She turned to the young man behind her and said, "Could you bring me another of my baskets?"

"Sure," he answered, and walked over toward where she'd left them.

While Jeanie finished emptying the first dryer, he stacked all of her baskets together and brought them over to her. "Thank you..." She paused, fishing for a name.


"Joe. I'm Jeanie."

"No problem."

Jeanie took the baskets and bent down to separate out one for the next dryer. As she rose, she let her eyes flash to the bulge in his shorts.

It was just as enticing as the one gracing his friend.

Jeanie opened the dryer and pulled out a pair of her panties to rub her fingers over them, making sure that they were dry.

"Are they wet?"

Joe's tone left little doubt as to the double meaning of his words. Even though she'd fantasized about it, and believed that she'd noticed signs of desire, the blatant innuendo and the look in his eyes still caught her off balance. "They seem dry," she replied, her voice a little distant.

"The dryers are old. They can be a bit dodgy at times. Wouldn't want you to go home with wet panties."

It's far too late for that, Jeanie thought.

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