Buffy, The Erection Slayer by Lubrican

Author's Description:
Buffy got knocked up at camp, and had a little girl. Now she's in college and, while she's not exactly looking for a man, she seems to keep tripping over them. And their girlfriends ... or wives ... are getting pissed about it. Can Buffy turn the fact that she knows WHY their men are cheating to her advantage? The continuing adventures of our loveable slut, Buffy.
Size: 231 KB ( ~ 43,804 words)
Genre: Erotica
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, School

Review by Mark   [other reviews by Mark]

Reviewed: 2005-11-12

Geeze, plot and all!

Careful, B.O.B., you will spoil us.

B.O.B. has been churning out entertaining tales for a while. The first "Buffy" story was good, and fun. This followup actually give us character development and plot.

This tale of a young college student, mother to a 4 year old daughter, becoming a mentor to a group of women with serious hang-ups about their sex life, it well written, well crafted, and devoid of disturbing technical problems.

Background: Buffy, at age 14, had met a counselor at Acting Camp and yielded her virginity to him. Of course, they couldn't make love only once; one of those times planted a baby in her womb. She gave birth at age 15 to a daughter.

Plot: "Buffy, The Erection Slayer" picks up the story about 5 years later, when she is in college. Her love of fucking and preference for sperm in her pussy, led to several concurrent affairs, all with guys who either had an uptight girlfriend or a wife that that was no longer interested in them.

Naturally, they all discover just who this slut is, and the rest is a funny, sexy romp through the education of her new "acquaintances."

There are very few typos, and no technical problems in the story, making it a genuine pleasure to read. I prefer stories with a decent plot. B.O.B.'s stories (I paraphrase the author) generally have just enough plot to create a situation where the requisite body parts meet to enjoy themselves and make babies.

In "Buffy, The Erection Slayer," he put a bit more effort into relationships and character than in past stories; it shows in reading thereof.

I highly recommend this story.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10

Review by mbeau   [other reviews by mbeau]

Reviewed: 2005-11-11

Judging only by the title, you would expect a silly stroke story. Don't let the title fool you. While there is a fair amount of stroke-worthy material, there is also a fair amount of plot, drama and character development. The story is a sequel, but the prequel is not necessary to the plot of this story.

Plot: 6 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 8