Convent Chicanery by John Baird

Author's Description:
Father Murphy, A lecherous priest and his hugely endowed assistant Brother John give solace to the newly appointed Mother Superior.
Size: 40 KB ( ~ 7,585 words)
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Reluctant, First, Size

Review by The SlutMan   [other reviews by The SlutMan]

Reviewed: 2006-10-24

This is one of John Baird's older stories, but it carries on a theme that appears in many of his tales, including his latest story.

It is the story of a newly minted Mother Superior, her struggle with her latent sexuality and her seduction and subjugation by the unscrupulous Father Murphy and his equally unprincipled assistant, Brother John.

I believe it would be more to the reader's liking if the other stories were read before this one, as there are references to events that took place in his earlier stories.

The author does a good job of interesting the reader with his story; he had me hooked after the first couple of paragraphs. He has a really good story device in the continuing depredations of an unscrupulous Priest upon the innocently unsuspecting females interacting with a supposedly religious man.

The story moves right along, and the action is hot when you finally get to it. There are a couple of weak points in his writing style, though.

He doesn't really do a good job with dialogue or punctuation, two problems that he could easily be helped with by a good editor. These two weaknesses tend to distract you from the story, until he gets to the meat of it.

His sex scenes are terrific, wildly descriptive and hotter that hell. (Pun intended!) There is a good balance between character development and moving the story along, one doesn't get impatient while reading the story by a protracted description of the character and how they got to where they are in their life.

I see from his story page that there was a nineteen month hiatus in his writing, his latest story being posted just this month. I devoutly hope that he continues to write, his stories are a definite plus for SOL, and a real pleasure to read.

I can heartily recommend Convent Chicanery, it's a good, well paced stroke story.

Plot: 8 | Technical Quality: 6 | Appeal to Reviewer: 8