Convent Chicanery

by John Baird

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, First, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Father Murphy, A lecherous priest and his hugely endowed assistant Brother John give solace to the newly appointed Mother Superior.

Chapter 1 - Making Mother Superior

Father Murphy received a new but temporary assignment. It was intended to be a disciplinary move because the priest had annoyed the Bishop by imbibing too heavily at a dinner the prelate had hosted for a visiting dignitary. And, since Brother John was in the parish only as a special assistant to Father Murphy, he had to go along on the assignment. As disciplinary assignments go, this one was like sentencing the fox to do time in the chicken coop.

They were being assigned for a minimum one-month period to assist a newly appointed Mother Superior at a select convent school where there had been disciplinary problems. The students at the school were a mixture of very sheltered young ladies with parents who were determined to keep their daughters away from the temptations of regular high school life along with some who were unruly and rebellious and difficult to control.

Mother Superior Ursula was, at first glance, not very imposing. She was about five feet, five inches tall and, in her traditional nun's habit, she appeared to be slender. Father Murphy noted right away that she was also very young for her position. He guessed, correctly, that she was in her early thirties. She would have been pretty, too, if she'd used any effort to make herself that way but, for very good reason, she tried to avoid attracting male attention. Mother Ursula had not wanted to be a nun, but her parents would have it no other way. She had every intention of leaving the Order as soon as her sainted parents departed this world but, until then, she knew it would result only in her disinheritance. And they had agreed that they would leave her a tidy sum to carry out any charitable work she desired. So, as the young woman waited and prayed for Divine guidance, she was performing excellent work in the Order. And, as a result of this work, she was also progressing in its hierarchy.

Mother Ursula was also having difficulty with her vow of celibacy. Unlike Father Murphy, however, she was not faced with regular temptations except in the form of nubile young ladies. These temptations she had resisted without much difficulty and she had gained solace from a rather bulky vibrator, which had been intended for muscular rather than clitoral massage. It's size had made it easier for the tormented young woman to retain her physical virginity although, on many occasions, if her comfort device had been smaller and of the right shape, there is no doubt that it would have been inside her, rather than outside.

The priest and the monk had similar thoughts as they surveyed the students at assembly the morning they arrived. Father Murphy no longer had any moral qualms about taking advantage of his position and Brother John had never been bothered by such impediments, anyway. They both saw, in the group of some thirty uniformed girls, at least ten who caused a warming of the blood. At that time, neither even considered the most vulnerable of the people present for she was putting on her usual, but not inherently natural, display of authority.

Brother John, because of his size, was designated to be the disciplinarian. Of course one critical aspect of his size was not readily apparent, but that only became important in some special circumstances. It was the good priest who achieved the first immoral success, however. In fact, it was likely 'game over' as soon as they arrived for Mother Ursula had virtually reached the end of her sexual tether. If Jan and Sally had been ripe for seduction, then Ursula's cherry was literally falling off the tree.

The first evening, after 'lights out' in the tightly controlled institution, she came to the priest's small apartment. It consisted of a tiny office and an adjoining bedroom that was not much larger. They met, of course, in the office.

"This is sacramental scotch, Mother Ursula.", he said with a conspirational smile as he took a bottle of Grant's Best Procurable from his desk. "Would you care for a nightcap?"

"My goodness, Father Murphy. I didn't know there was such a thing," she replied with a matching smile. Then, although she knew that her tolerance for alcohol was very limited, she said, "I guess, since it's sacramental, I could have a small one."

The nun sat on the desk and the priest sat on the only chair in his small room as, for the next hour they discussed the school and its problems. At the same time, the nightcap became a nightgown and maybe even sheets, blankets and pillow. During this time the priest became more and more appreciative of the nun's appearance.

Ursula was a blonde with blue eyes and a small but full lipped mouth. Tonight she was wearing more modern nun's garb of skirt and a blouse that displayed her trim but shapely figure. As she drank, her eyes brightened and her face became flushed. Father Murphy noted all this but, at first, he did not believe her to be a possible candidate for his lecherous designs.

"Tell me, Mother Ursula, how has a beautiful young woman like you managed to devote her life to such a worthy and Godly cause?" he asked after the bottle was nearly empty. "Most of your peers are somewhat less than pleasing to the eye and also rather disagreeable."

"Oh, Father Murphy. I could say the same about you. But it was my parents' desire that I do this. And it is satisfying," she replied, pleased at what he'd said and, after the many drinks, feeling more than a little bit tipsy. "Why did you enter the priesthood?"

"Well, Mother Ursula... Do you mind if I just call you Ursula when we're here alone?"

"No, Father. That's alright. But what do I call you?"

"Call me Joe," he replied. "Anyway, Ursula, I was an idealistic young man and, although I've betrayed my ideals since then, this seemed like a selfless way to accomplish some good."

"I can't believe you've betrayed your ideals, Father... Joe... Why do you say that?"

"You just don't know me," he replied as he deliberated on what he should tell her. He could see that she was feeling the drinks, as he was also, and he wondered if this nun might be like Sister Susan. "I have taken advantage of my position, Ursula. In very sinful ways. I pray that God understands that he demands too much of us when he calls for... you know? There is a strong movement for a married clergy, Ursula." His statement sent a jolt through the virgin nun. This cleric seemed to be telling her that he was breaking his vow of celibacy. Maybe she was not alone when she was regularly consumed by fleshly desires?

"I'm not sure that I understand, Father... Joe? Are you telling me that? Like? Have you broken your vow of celibacy?"

"Yes, Ursula. Several times. I've even used the confessional as a vehicle for my sinful ends. And even one as pure and immaculate as you arouses the most unpriestly thoughts in me, I am ashamed to say."

The young Mother Superior was suddenly uneasy but also flattered that she was having such an effect on the rather handsome priest. The alcohol combined with her companion's confession of his transgressions gave the nun a feeling of intimacy towards him and she blurted out, "Oh, Joe. I'm not alone then. I too have had difficulty with my vow of chastity. Perhaps they are right and we should be allowed to marry? At least, some of us?"

The prurient priest placed his hand on her knee as he replied, "Have you been with another of God's men, then, Ursula? Or was it a layman?" and he smiled inwardly at the unintentional pun.

"Oh no, Joe. I didn't mean that. It's just that I... like? I have sinful thoughts and... and? Like? I do things to myself?"

The priest felt his organ swelling as he visualized the slender blonde masturbating. "Well, Ursula? I've done that too. Perhaps we should? Like? We could help each other, couldn't we?" and as he spoke, his hand slid higher on her thigh beneath her skirt.

The nun made no move to escape and her belly churned from his touch. She looked at him, her big, blue eyes wide, as he stood. "Father Murphy? I don't know? I don't think we should? Should we? I've never done anything like that, Joe?", she said in a weak, quavering voice. "I... I... I just don't know?"

"It will help you, Mother Ursula.", the priest said in a soft, persuasive tone. "You will be able to better concentrate on God's work if you are not tormented by fleshly desires. I know, sister. After I have transgressed, I am a more effective servant of God. And I am sure that He understands."

The nun was as docile and compliant as any of his teenaged conquests and, her loins aching with suppressed sexuality, her judgment clouded by the scotch, she let him ease her to a horizontal position on the desk. His hand slid caressingly up her firm, silky thigh and she arched her hips acquiescently so that he could remove her panties.

"Oohhh, Father Murphy?" she sighed as she lay back, her legs dangling over the edge of the desk. "Are you sure it's all right? OOHHH JOE!!!" and she cried out with surprise as his fingers pressed skillfully on her silken haired pussy.

"Oh yes, Ursula. This will help us both." he said as he unbuttoned her blouse. "And I can tell that you are in need of solace, sister. You are wet with the evidence of that need," and he found her erect clitoris with his fingers and began to stroke her swollen cunt slit.

The woman raised her shoulders and let him unfasten her brassiere, baring her aching breasts to his touch. Her nipples were already fully engorged and surprisingly large and, as he continued the dual assault on her pussy and breasts, she relaxed in an alcohol-induced euphoria. She was hardly aware when he wormed his hips between her knees and easily wedged her firm thighs wider apart.

Mother Superior Ursula was lying with her skirt bunched above her hips, her blouse open and her brassiere around her neck. The priest's robe gaped open now and his erect organ projected outward, almost touching her wetly swollen labia.

"Does this feel good to you, Ursula?", he asked softly as he eased the tip of his throbbing weapon into the slick crevice. "Will we be able to comfort you, sister?"

"Yessh... annh... yessh...", the virgin nun moaned, her drink- thickened tongue slurring her words. "Yessh, Joe... I feel so warm and..." and her words ended as she felt the approach of a climax. The skillful cleric waited patiently as he aroused the Mother Superior to the verge of orgasm, then carefully avoided taking her over the edge.

"Hannh... Father Murphy? Joe? What about you? Like? Annnhh... How do I help you?" the nun asked breathlessly as she gave herself up to the delightful sensations the skillful priest was engendering in her virginal body. "Should I touch you, too?"

"Not yet, Ursula. You are giving me great pleasure like this. But, maybe later," he replied. For almost ten minutes he tormented her thus and, in her innocence, the nun made no demand that he take her to her climax.

Ursula had not noticed when the priest's finger was replaced by the hot, slick tip of his cock and now he was easily sliding it up and down the soft, snug crevice of her vulva. Gradually and with increasing frequency he was inserting the tip into the hot aperture that led to her inner body. She was, he knew, ready now for the final assault on her innocence but after what she had so readily allowed him to do he expected that she had done this before. If she wanted to pretend to be a virgin, however, he was willing to play along.

"You really want to be fucked, don't you, Mother Ursula," he stated. "You want to feel a priestly cock inside your hot, juicy cunt, don't you." he said softly, guessing correctly that her excitement would be enhanced by the added salaciousness of his crude words but assuming, incorrectly, that she had experienced many such sexual encounters as this.

"Hanh... Father... hanh... wh. wh. what are you saying?" the virgin nun panted, her belly churning at the unfamiliar sound of his lewd words. "You... hanh... shouldn't... hanh... talk like that?"

"But it's true, isn't it Ursula? Your cunt is throbbing, isn't it? You want a cock in it, don't you?" and with that statement, he tried to push into the vestibule of her vagina.

Lying on her back with her legs splayed and dangling over the edge of the desk, the Mother Superior was completely open and vulnerable to the immoral priest's designs. "Hunh? Unnh? Father?" she gasped as she felt the painful pressure against her hymen. He paused briefly in surprise. The nun was a virgin. But he had no intention of stopping. "Hunngh Uuunngghhh UNNNGGHHH!!!" she grunted loudly as, with a firm thrust the priest pushed hard against the tender barrier and felt it rupture.

As Father Murphy's throbbing shaft punctured Mother Superior Ursula's sacred hymen and he felt the heat of her cherry-juice bathe his cock, he pushed all the way into her hot fuckwell. The nun gasped loudly at the brief pain and then the delightfully tight softness of her vagina enclosed him.

"Hunnnnghh Annnhh Father Murphy? Hannhh What have you done?" the slender blonde nun cried out as the finality of his penetration registered on her drink-fogged brain. "Ohhhh Joe? Oohhh nooo... You've made me... it's a sin..."

The priest hooked his elbows under her knees and, as she lay there in deflowered submission, he began to thrust slowly in and out of her tight, hotly clinging sheath. "It's all right, Ursula. He understands. As long as we keep it in the Church. I thought you had learned that before, Sister." As he continued to fuck the nun, he reached down to rub her hard clitoris and, after the extended stimulation of their foreplay, the woman was suddenly taken over the top.

"Oh yes, Sister. Cum. Cum, Ursula," he said softly as he felt the unmistakable contractions of her virgin sheath. Her hips jerked and twitched and her flat belly bulged and palpitated as her loins were washed by the burning heat of her orgasm. As she whimpered breathlessly beneath him, the horny cleric continued to plough the soft, wet furrow of her first-fucked cunt while he tugged at her large, sensitive nipples.

"Hannh, Father Murphy?" the devirginated Mother Superior panted as she gradually regained her senses. "Are you sure, Joe? Is it all right? Have you done this with others? I mean, other nuns?" Her body was limp now but her hips still twitched in an unbidden response as the priest kept on fucking her tight, wet cock-scabbard.

"Oh yes, Ursula. And we're not done yet," he said as he wrapped his arms around her and, without allowing his cock to escape from her snug sheath, he lifted her off the desk. The nun, with instinctive reaction, wrapped her legs around his hips as, still coupled to her, he knelt and eased her to the floor.

The now deflowered Mother Superior looked up submissively at the big priest as he supported his upper body away from hers with outstretched arms. Her shapely legs relaxed their grip on his hips and spread loosely as he began to slowly fuck her slack, docile body.

"I never thought a woman as lovely as you could get through her novitiate without being fucked, sister. You need this, you know. You need to learn what it is like in order to understand the nuns in your charge. And those schoolgirls, too," he added as he thought about the opportunity those nubile youngsters provided.

"But Joe?", she said in a drink-slurred but timid voice. "Ishn't it? Like? Aren't we shinning? Ishn't this evil fornication?" But, even as she voiced her doubts, she felt a renewal of lust in her belly and her shapely hips began to shift beneath him.

"God understands, Ursula. It is our reward for our other sacrifices. He makes us this way. You enjoy it, don't you?"

"Oh yessh, Joe. I do. But?", she said, not sure whether she should believe him or not.

"You are good Ursula. God gave you a marvelously tight cunt to hold my cock and squeeze it. You're going to find out in a moment how your body will make me release my lust into you. And I hope it will be another delight for you, too," the horny cleric said as he picked up his tempo.

As the first-fucked nun felt the hard shaft moving in and out of her softly clinging sheath, her hips moved with increasing vigour in time with her seducer's thrusts. She learned quickly and soon her pelvis was tilting and rocking so that she gained the maximum friction from his plunging prick and the pressure of another climax built rapidly in her hot-blooded, long-hungering loins.

"Joe? Oh Joe? It'sh going to happen again? I can feel it cumming?", she panted, and the big priest's chest lowered so that he was lying, full weight, on her slender body. Her legs rose vertically into the air and then locked around his hips as he ground hard against her open vulva, pushing in as deep as he could go.

"That's it, Ursula. That's it. Fuck me, Sister," he moaned as he cupped her firm buttocks and drew her closer. "Are you ready? Are you going to cum?" he panted as he hammered her fast and hard.

"Hunh yunh yunh!! It'sh cumming!! Hunh!! It'sh cumming againnn!!!!" the nun panted as the first spasms gripped her. And then, with a loud gasp, she convulsed with an even more intense orgasm than her first. As he felt the tight contraction of her sheath on his cock, the priest pushed as deep as he could go and his pent-up gism surged from his balls, through the length of his bucking shaft, to explode wetly into the dark depths of the nun's body.

"Hanh? Hannh?" she gasped as she felt the wet heat inundating her virgin fuckwell and her hips jerked spasmodically up at him. With novice skill she instinctively rocked her pelvis and milked the spurting lava from the priest into her bucking, twitching loins. Then, with a whimpering sigh, she went limp beneath him.

"Oh yes, Ursula. Yes," the cleric sighed as he felt her tight sheath milking him. "You are good, baby. Marvelous." He raised once more from her heaving breasts and, with long, slow strokes, used her clinging cunt to drain the last drops from his prick.

They were silent, except for their laboured breathing, until the newly deflowered nun looked up at her seducer and said softly, "I hope God will forgive ush, Father? It wash? Like? It musht be a shin?"

"It is God's way.", the immoral cleric said as his cock wilted within the soft wetness of her body. "Now you will understand how your charges feel when their desires get out of hand. And we can do this again, Sister. When you feel the fires within you becoming a problem."

By the time the nun left his room, a half hour later, she was convinced that he was right. He had shown her how she could devote more of her time to God's work without the distraction of unsatisfied sexual desire and she was sure it was God's intent that this should happen.

Chapter 2 - Mastering Mother Ursula

By the end of her second month Mother Superior Ursula had settled down nicely into her new job. Her ease of mind was due in part to her confidence that Father Murphy and Brother John were providing the extra assistance needed to keep the few unruly girls in her convent school well disciplined. Of course she had no idea of their methods and, had she known, they would have been banished from her religious school.

Her pleasure with the job was due also to her newfound sexual satisfaction. After more than a month of regular sessions with the priest and his 'sacramental scotch', she was no longer bothered by twinges of conscience. She accepted that it was God's will and she suspected that the young friar must be comforting Sister Lisa in a similar manner. She could think of no other reason for the Novice's heavy-lidded lethargy and the guilty way she looked at her whenever Brother John was around.

And then the priest was called away for a weeklong retreat. Father Murphy's departure was immediately after his initiation of the masochistic eighteen-year-old Christina. And this was after a week of celibacy brought on by the Mother Superior's monthly period. Therefore, by the time he had been gone four days, the Mother Superior had gone without her newly discovered male solace for a very frustrating eleven days... and nights.

Father Murphy, when he'd seduced the mature nun, had unleashed a decade or more of suppressed sexuality. Ursula needed it. She now did not know how she had managed to go for so many years after her puberty without it. By the time four more days had passed, she was irritable. In fact, she was downright angry. She began taking her anger out on the junior nuns, the schoolgirls and, on one or two occasions, on the young monk. Brother John was getting nervous. He was taking tremendous pleasure from the readily available nymphets and the progressively more passionate young nun, Lisa. But he was sure that if the Mother Superior discovered his liaisons with the schoolgirls he'd be defrocked. She was pretty and he knew that Father Murphy had been servicing her but he suspected that she was a bit of a cold fish. Too slender for his liking and probably prudish, even if she was letting his compatriot fuck her.

Ursula lay alone in her bed for an hour that night as she tried to quench the fire that burned in her belly. Finally she went to the priest's room to get his scotch and, once there, she settled down on his bed. She sipped the smoky nectar and, with the light out, she opened her robe and again used her fingers to seek release. Four more days and he'd return. And then she heard sounds next door.

With her recently acquired experience, she had no doubt of what the sounds were. Someone was being fucked. The monk's room was right next-door. She arose and crept closer, listening to the most unreligious words that were clearly audible through the thin wall. Ten days of frustrating longing erupted in an angry feeling of guilt. After what she had done, how could she expect the junior nuns to act properly. And those two men, even if they were clergy, were worse than she. They were devils.

The young friar had already gone off once in Sister Lisa's newly initiated fuckwell and now the young nun was kneeling over him, using her mouth to rejuvenate his semi-erect cock. Suddenly the door burst open and, in a fury, the dark robed Mother Superior was suddenly striking the nude, young woman who knelt above his hips.

Sister Lisa had already cum five times that night and she was weak from the deep satisfaction of her ungodly lust. When her Mother Superior burst in on her, she forgot that she'd seen and heard the other nun being fucked and, terrified, she rolled off her lover and ran, whimpering, from the room.

The big, young monk knew also that Ursula had been getting hers from the priest and, when she interrupted the delightful activity with the innocent nun, he too was angry. He'd just barely persuaded Sister Lisa to use her mouth on him and his rapidly rejuvenating cock was already in need of another swim in the tight, cum-sodden depths of the young woman's ripe, lush body. He forgot, for the moment, that the Mother Superior had the power to end this pleasant sojourn in the convent.

"What do you mean, bursting into my room like this?" he demanded as he came to his feet. "You're trespassing!" he continued as he towered over the dark-robed nun. And then, in the dimly lit room, he saw the Mother Superior's face. She had stopped and was standing motionless, her pretty, full-lipped mouth agape. He realized that he was naked and he could see that the blonde's eyes were fixed on his erectly projecting penis. She was cringing. And he knew then that he had the upper hand.

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