Endings and Beginnings by DormDad

Author's Description:
What happens when unrelieved grief is allowed to fester. Follow the tale of man who grows up post 9/11 and never forgets or forgives. His life is forever changed and those around him now understand hate. This is a VERY dark story. Please read the forward in chapter 1 before proceeding.
Size: 59 KB ( ~ 11,188 words)
Genre: Science Fiction
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Fiction, Science Fiction, Revenge

Review by Lugh   [other reviews by Lugh]

Reviewed: 2014-12-19

Not sure how best to review this. It's a very dark story, but the author gave abundant warnings of that. I have to respect any author that explores difficult themes, in a literate way. Having read his "Truckers Adventure", I am comforted that he can write of positive, if sad, characters.

There's no distracting sex, so I considered both the writing, which is fine, and the science fiction, where I had some problems in suspending disbelief. First, I couldn't really accept that there was a unique "Middle Eastern" genome that could be targeted for genetic effect. Second, if the target was Muslims, they aren't all Middle Eastern. Third, it bothered me to see an emphasis on modifying both DNA and RNA.

While the errors aren't huge, it could use a copy edit. Only guessing, though, this may be the result of DormDad needing to get a difficult story out.

Plot: 5 | Technical Quality: 7 | Appeal to Reviewer: 6