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Many types of stories will appear here. If you like one of them then you need to tell me that. I do not accept anonymous feedback. You should have pride in what you say. If I have done poorly or if I have done a fab job I urge you to let me know.

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A Day in the Forest
This is a fantasy-based story that includes the imaginings of a little boy. He has an adventure one day in the forest. It is not what he finds; but what finds him.
Tags: Fiction
Sex Contents: No Sex
Posted: Incomplete and Inactive
4 KB 228 22 6.94

Ecstasy A poem for your reading pleasure. This came from a time when my wife was far from me and very sick.
Tags: Romantic, True Story
Sex Contents: No Sex
0 KB 228 - -

Endings and Beginnings
Science Fiction
What happens when unrelieved grief is allowed to fester. Follow the tale of man who grows up post 9/11 and never forgets or forgives. His life is forever changed and those around him now understand hate. This is a VERY dark story. Please read the forward in chapter 1 before proceeding.
Tags: Fiction, Science Fiction, Revenge
Sex Contents: No Sex
Posted: / (Review)
59 KB 1630 133 7.34

Truckers Adventure
A day in the life of a trucker with a surprise at the end. Please comment and vote.
Tags: Horror, Mystery, Workplace
Sex Contents: No Sex
Posted: / (Review)
1 KB 500 41 6.95
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Endings and Beginnings