Girls in my Shed by Daydreamz

Author's Description:
I'm an easy-going middle-aged chap, and a decent sort I like to think. My wife has left me though, so I'm feeling a bit lonely just now. I find a fresh trail from my hedge to my old garden shed. Goodness me! Well I'll have to put a video camera in, obviously!
Size: 60 KB ( ~ 11,378 words)
Genre: Erotica
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: Ma/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, First

Review by Belinda LaPage   [other reviews by Belinda LaPage]

Reviewed: 2014-10-04

Our hero, Mr Lawrence, is a fit gentleman of 60 who - like his garden - is running to seed. Indeed, there are parts of his rambling, overgrown estate that he hasn't seen for months; not since his wife walked out.

But that hole in the fence, those tracks across the lawn ... why, they lead to the old shed.

Probably just some neighborhood kids using it as a clubhouse, but its not a mystery that can't be sorted out by a web-cam, is it?

Nothing could prepare Mr L for what he would see on that web-cam. Oh my goodness! Where had his libido been lost these last years? Well, that's not a mystery that can't be sorted out by a couple of lithe, burgeoning 14-year-olds, is it?

Fourteen. Curious. Tiny bodies racing with hormones. Lucky Mr L. is one of the good guys.


I loved this story. It was playful and fun and sexy. Daydreamz writes in beautifully constructed packages that read ever so easily, and he builds the action and reveals new detail at a pace that keeps you reading.

PLOT: 9 (Great) Judging this as a short story, it us a fun setup that moves not too briskly through discovery, temptation and fulfillment. I so, so wish the scene where the girls first met our hero had contained more youthful curiosity.

TECHNICAL: 8 (V.Good) Language, editing and grammar are immaculate. I have ONLY one beef with this story; it could be plot but I'm going to call it technical. My preference with short erotica is that it finishes on a high, that way I can ... ahem ... "manage my own affairs". There was a good opportunity to do so here and leave a little mystery, but Daydreamz chose to tie up loose ends. Upshot: I got my timing wrong. My fault, you could argue, but I choose to share the blame.

APPEAL TO ME: 9 (Great) Sexy, fun and well written. Jemma and Naomi are sweet characters that you can't help but love. Just ask Mr. L.

VERDICT: Read it, but if you are doing so one-handed, time yourself to the scene with Naomi in the rain. God, I can't get that image out if my head!

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 8 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9