Girls in my Shed

by Daydreamz

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, First, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: I'm an easy-going middle-aged chap, and a decent sort I like to think. My wife has left me though, so I'm feeling a bit lonely just now. I find a fresh trail from my hedge to my old garden shed. Goodness me! Well I'll have to put a video camera in, obviously!

I have a large garden which is rather overgrown these days. Well, to be honest most of it is completely wild and more of a wood than a garden. When we moved in, over twenty years ago, I did a lot of planting of trees and shrubs, and now everything has grown up and seeded more plants which have also grown up and out, and so most of it is quite a jungle.

It's what I like and with two acres there's still space for a couple of lawns, one beyond the other, which I mow and sunbathe on; now I'm sixty my energy levels are dropping a bit and so a verdant, low-maintenance garden is just what I want. I've always loved nature anyway so I'm quite happy to let it take over and do its thing. I'm not one of those who has to manage every blade of grass.

I scatter corn for the birds and animals and there's a wildlife pond, so I see a lot of wildlife and that's what the garden is about, mainly. Plus it's very private and I take advantage of that to sunbathe nude sometimes, which gives me a pleasant sense of freedom.

It has been 'we' up until a few weeks ago, but incredibly my wife of 34 years and I fell out over something really stupid, couldn't find the compromises we used to, and she's left me. Eventually I might have to sell the house, I don't know, but for the time being she's taken a flat and I'm on my own in the house. I do still love her, and I've said so, so we have to see.

It's true what she said, that our interests are rather different these days, but I think we still have things in common too. Maybe the ingredients are still there for her, under the surface, so I haven't given up. You just never know with relationships do you?

Anyway, so I have been a bit lonely recently, I have to admit, and I can only put that forward as my excuse for what's happened in the business with my shed.

It's a good-sized wooden garden shed, about forty yards from the house, but it's invisible now because some years ago I started using the garage for the mower and gardening stuff instead, as it's so much handier, and the laurel screen grew up and up round the shed, with the rest of the jungle, and I just left the shed to its own devices while it slowly disappeared from view.

Then a few weeks ago I was going through that corner of the wood, for once intervening in nature by chopping down some ash saplings that really take over here if you let them, when I saw a trail of trodden-down soil and undergrowth.

Going one way it led to the shed. I followed the trail the other way, and found it led to the hedge between me and the field behind, where there was now a hole at the bottom, about fifteen inches or so across and high, and signs of recent use. We have fox and badger trails but it was too big for them, and an animal wouldn't make a path to the shed door...

I went and looked in the shed, perplexed. I hadn't left much in there I didn't think so I was surprised to find several large scatter cushions on the floor, and a travel rug type blanket. Various old plant pots, obscure tools and the old wheelbarrow with the punctured tyre were neatly tidied into a corner

The whole interior was clean, with not much dust and no cobwebs. The little window was wiped clear, presumably with the cloth that had been neatly stored on the shelf with a little dustpan and brush.

Somebody was using the shed.

I thought of blocking the hole in the hedge and putting a lock on the door, but some instinct stopped me. I had an idea it would be children, and if they weren't doing any damage ... I remembered from my own childhood how precious a private, secret place could be. My wife and I hadn't wanted children, and now I suppose there's an extra bit of unfulfilled caring instinct in me.

But still, I needed to know who it was and when they were coming; I didn't want them to be using it for drugs or glue sniffing or anything like that, and I didn't want them catching me in the nude either! Although it was September now and opportunities for sunbathing were becoming fewer.

So after some thought I took the wireless camera that I normally use to keep an eye on the drive from my office – I work from home - and hid it in the shed in the apex of the roof, at the back. Luckily the shed has power. In the gloom of the shed, against the dark wood, it was pretty hard to spot. In my office I connected the receiver to my computer so I could record, and set it running.

For two days nothing happened; it was an anticlimax. The picture sat unchanging in the corner of my monitor and I started to think I'd overreacted; they'd stopped coming or only came once in a blue moon.

But on the third day, a Wednesday, at just before four in the afternoon, there was a burst of light in the image – the door had opened! The camera struggled with the backlighting from the door, so at first all I could see was that two girls came in, or strictly speaking two smallish, slender, free-moving people around five feet tall with long hair.

When they closed the door the camera adjusted and I could see who they were: Naomi Fielding, who is the daughter of a farmer in the village, and Jemma Duggan, whose parents live at the other end of the village and do something in business I'm not sure what.

I recognised Jemma instantly because, well, you would! I've seen her from time to time as she's grown up, and she waves and smiles if I see her on her bike or pony going through the village. She's radiantly pretty, about five foot two, and she's great friends with Naomi. I see a fair bit of the Fieldings, so I'd seen Naomi grow up too - a sweet natured-girl who is also very pretty, with blue-grey eyes and shoulder-length light brown hair. She must be about five foot one.

Jemma has green eyes that I have always had to make an effort not to stare into, even when she was quite small, because they're quite beautiful and she looks at you very directly and holds your gaze. She has long very dark hair that is almost black. She's a good-natured person too, but not quite as gentle as Naomi and more assertive.

They are both attractive anyway. Budding, might be the word. With breasts and shape so you can see that they're post-pubescent, but they're still the sort of girls you look at and think how lovely they're going to be.

Anyway, so, they came into the shed and closed the door. Then to my complete astonishment they started taking off their clothes!

It was obviously a regular thing because they were quite casual about it: pullovers, trainers, jeans, T-shirts and without pause bras and panties! I gaped and hastily enlarged the picture to full-screen. The camera isn't great in low light and is quite low resolution so the picture wasn't very clear, but I could see enough to find it completely gripping.

I had no audio so I couldn't hear a thing, but they were saying a couple of words to each other as they stripped, then they came together and embraced! It was incredible. I'd had a glimpse of moderate little bushes and pert little breasts, then it was the two lithe feminine bodies pressed together, kissing and stroking each other's backs and asses. Standing in the middle of my shed!

I ought to have stopped watching, I knew. Stopped the recording, closed the video window and I suppose left a note for them or locked the shed for next time, or just minded my own business. It was weak, voyeur and quite perverted to keep watching their very, very private tryst; they'd come to my shed in order NOT to be spied on of course ... but they looked so lovely.

Perhaps if my wife had been around I'd have done the right thing, but she wasn't. It was just me, up in my office, and these stunning girls on my monitor.

They were kissing – little kisses all over rather than snogging - and stroking with their hands and rubbing their bodies on each other. They were so affectionate, and the sex was such fun for them. They kissed and giggled and stroked, and gradually their delicate, sensual hands worked their way to each other's tits and pussy. It was riveting.

Then disaster – they lay down on the cushions, opened out the blanket, and pulled it over themselves!

I swore. Of course, it wasn't a warm day and the shed was cold.

Anyway it was still sexy watching their shapes writhing around under the blanket, and I could at least see their beautiful young faces. Jemma was worked over under the blanket by Naomi, until her face went tense and staring and amazed as the orgasm gripped her. Then they swapped and Jemma did goodness knew what to Naomi's pussy until Naomi clearly climaxed as well.

For the first time in years I found my cock in my hand. I couldn't see much but my imagination more than filled in the gaps! I started to masturbate slowly, watching the girls talk and giggle for a while, and then start stroking again, and finally manoeuvre into a 69 under the blanket and bring each other to another orgasm.

As did I myself! I have a box of tissues in the office, fortunately.

After a couple of minutes they stood up and I ogled their nubile young bodies while they got dressed. Their tits are just about a B I'd think, both of them, Naomi's being conical and Jemma's more of a rounded shape and very lovely on her chest, both sets well spread at the base so they aren't going to sag even when they're older.

The girls have waists and hips. They're completely sexual, although their thighs are slender in the teen way rather than thicker as many go when they're fully adult, but aesthetically I find that shape more attractive.

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