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BarBar: Favorites

Australian Story by Oz Ozzie
A love story with a difference. Nicely portrays modern surburban Australia but the story could happen anywhere.
The Collar Around the Heart by Old Softy
Science Fiction is most impressive when used as social commentary. Old Softy seems to understand that in this delightful tale of a future that seems so similar to a past.
Dance of a Lifetime by Don Lockwood
A true classic longer erotic novel.
Rebecca Danced by EzzyB
A really nicely told teen romance story with a few twists to make it original.
Saving Sister by Shrink42
A number of Shrink42 stories deal with women putting themselves into a kind of voluntary slavery to achieve personal improvement. This is a terrific example of this type. A very caring family demonstrates the lengths they will go to in order to help their own.
Service Society by Lazlo Zalezac
Lazlo has written a number of stories where a fairly ordinary person or group of people come up with ways of living better or making the world a better place to live in. Each story is different and all are wonderfully uplifting. Service Society is the most recent of those. Also check out Commune, A Different Sort of Lifestyle, Country Boys, The Millionare Next Door and any number of others.
Snowplow Extra by Wes Boyd
Just one of Wes' great stories.
Thoughts, Sensations and Emotions by Ms. Friday
Another outstanding "Mind Powers" story. The plot twists and turns and the central character is wonderful.
A Touch of Death by Wine Maker
A great mystery/suspense story.
Uncle Randy and the Angry Niece by Russell Hoisington
A very deftly told story with two very believable main characters.