Australian Story

by Oz Ozzie

Tags: mt/ft, Teenagers, Romantic, Interracial, First, Slow,

Desc: Drama Story: It's easy to fall in love in with a class-mate who desperately needs to be rescued. The problem is that you have to confront your own demons before you can even start solving her problems. And then, just what does a young man have to do to save his love? The story might be Australian, but it could happen anywhere.


I would like to thank BarBar for helping me with the plot and characterisation issues. this story is vastly improved because of this assistance.

I would like to thank James E. Henry for editing the story, and his long-suffering patience with my grammar and mis-placed, commas; also for helping me with jargon/cultural issues.

I would like to thank Moghal for choreographing the fight scene.


Any similarities between events, places and people that appear in this story and in the real world are probably quite intentional; however no reliance may be placed on the honesty or accuracy of any such portrayals in this story.

Note that in the case of events, all events portrayed as being reported on the TV or radio really happened (though specific details may not be true) except those that occur as a consequence of events in this story. In the case of people, names and named characters are entirely fictional.

Cultural Notes

This story is strongly flavoured by contemporary Australian culture (as of dates given). There are many local Australian terms and concepts throughout the story, or even local to Melbourne, Victoria. Where these terms are not familiar to non-Australia readers, footnotes are used at the bottom of every chapter to explain these terms.

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