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1 Stormy Monday
The story of Barbara Taylor and her son Bobby. Watch as they build a new life together. Will Bobby's first love endure, or be pulled apart by the temptations and evil schemes of others? Will Barbara find a love that will fulfill all her needs? And will Bobby ever play baseball again? (3rd Place, Golden Clitorides 2006 Best Story by a New Author.)
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Teenagers, Romantic, Incest
Sex Contents: Much Sex
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1336 KB 132261 1383 8.41

2 One Door Closed...
It's the Friday after Thanksgiving. Mike returns to school after sharing Thanksgiving dinner at home with his family. It seems the holiday is really over, when he finds himself locked out of his room in the freshman dorm. Looks like he'll have to spend the night in his roommates' girlfriends' roommates' room again. (Runner Up, Golden Clitorides 2006 Short Story of the Year)
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, School
Sex Contents: Much Sex
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22 KB 21058 1043 7.94

3 Recycling
Many things can be recycled. Shapes may change, compositions altered; purpose can be found or formed anew. But... can an old love be recycled? Or... can true love be salvaged?
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic
Sex Contents: Some Sex
54 KB 7570 390 7.88

4 My Sister's Keeper
How far would you go to preserve your family, in the face of life changing events? This is the story of a young man faced with that challenge, who fights to protect the family he still has.
Tags: Ma/Fa
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
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81 KB 13360 586 8.14

5 One in the Hand Is Worth...
A story in Nick Scipio's Summer Camp Universe
The story behind Kendall's "Big Mistake Night". Randy Burton was a happy sophomore pre-med student with a sweet freshman girlfriend. Then he sat next to the beautiful coed that all his fraternity brothers coveted, Kendall Payton. She had a "summer romance" boyfriend, so nothing was going to happen between them. But in the Greek world at the University of Tennessee, nothing was as it seemed...
Tags: Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Heterosexual
Sex Contents: Much Sex
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357 KB 59733 672 7.85

6 Chasing Canaries Chet had goofed up. He'd performed the cardinal sin in relationships, getting drunk and sleeping with another girl. It was time to face his cheerleader girlfriend for the inevitable consequences. But sometimes, consequences are unexpected.
Tags: mt/ft, ft/ft
Sex Contents: Much Sex
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58 KB 12067 573 7.36

True Love Zach and Kristen - love in a small town.
Tags: Romantic
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
8 KB 2796 222 7.64
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