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Reviews by Joesephus
About Joesephus:
I'm a college student working on my MBA. English is not my first language and I will never comment on spelling or grammar problems. I married a US Marine on July 4th, 2006, but I'm a citizen of a South American country. I was bitten by the writing bug while taking a creative writing story as a fifth year senior athlete. It was supposed to be an easy A... it was one of the hardest and most rewarding courses I've ever taken.

Because of my background I'm perhaps a bit jaded for someone my age. I enjoy reading stories where the plot and the characters are more important than the sex. I believe that the brain is the primary sex organ and I'm as interested in what the character is thinking as what the genitals are feeling. I find seduction and foreplay much sexier than actual intercourse. However, I will give extra points if the author shows me something new.
Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
Was It Worth It? Use1ceOnly 2007-07-14 N/A N/A N/A
I Should Have Known Better Harddaysknight 2007-06-04 7 10 10
Prison Wager The Jint Fan 2007-05-31 7 10 9
Little Child Harddaysknight 2007-05-11 10 10 10
A Town Called Buxton Lisa Peacock 2007-03-03 8 10 10
Business Trip Transformation curious2c 2007-03-01 10 10 5
I Was A Rock Star's Secret curious2c 2007-02-28 9 10 10
Always Being The Other Woman nici 2007-02-27 8 10 10
Banner Year Shrink42 2007-02-27 9 10 10
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