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Rape gang and Jack's immunity in "Jack be Nimble"

March 3, 2018
Posted at 4:35 pm

Several people have commented on the question of why the cops are not chasing the rapists in school or going after Jack for the damage he is doing to the sports teams.

RAPE GANG: The girls have not made any formal complaint about the rapes because of the social situation at the time. This was a period during which a female was believed to have caused the rape by somehow tempting the rapist. Therefore, the girl would never be able to find a "decent" marriage after being raped. Under those circumstances, no girl would have admitted to being raped. Therefore, the cops did not know about the rape gang at the high school.

JACK NOT BEING TARGETED BY THE RAPE GANG: Back at that time, there was no way that a boy would willingly admit to a physical defect if he wanted to be accepted by the other teens. Therefore, everybody not attacked by Jack, even the other members of the rape gang, could not believe that Jack was less handicapped than he pretended to be. Therefore, no matter what the injured rapists had to say about Jack, they simply were not believed.

Anybody who does not believe the above paragraphs simply did not live in the time and place where these events were supposed to have taken place. I did live then and there, and I think that everything I have in the story is reasonable, including the things that happen later on in the story.

I will admit that I probably should have put these explanations inside the story, but I thought that I had made enough effort to state them in less strong language inside the narrative. I guess I assumed that other people had observed what I had seen, so no further explanation was necessary. Remember, back in the 1950s, TV had not homogenized society as much as it has now done, so regional differences were much more pronounced.

Vothing on "Jack, Be Nimble"

February 4, 2018
Posted at 9:09 pm

Here's one to make you laugh. Somebody has been able to vote on this story even though I set the voting for "prohibited." That's not what is funny, though. The funny thing was that there was a single vote of 8, but the score was posted at 6.62. That's why I hate the scoring system.

New Story: "You Can Depend on a Mule"

January 13, 2018
Posted at 12:06 pm

This is another Western. This is the blurb:

In 1870, Bob Harris buys a mule. He is a bounty hunter, and the mule replaces his horse. This is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek story, so don't take it too seriously. The story was suggested by a great friend of mine until she died, Ada, a mule. The story is short, but I had fun with it. Five chapters.

New story: "Goldfield Standoff"

December 15, 2017
Posted at 8:24 pm

The low response from my latest story has prompted me to shift back to a Western for my next one. This may be more of a historical story than a conventional western, but here it is. It's only 8 chapters long. This is the blurb:

The real story of Orville Summinski begins in the California gold fields, but does not stay there for long. His family moves to Los Angeles and he winds up in the Mexican beer business. Through a mixture of luck and skill, he gains the support of his Mexican employer, marries a Mexican heiress, and becomes a Mexican hidalgo. How's that for a boy born in the slums of New York City? 8 Chapters.

I'll start posting it on 2017/12/19. Still no voting.

Reaction to "Sho-syo Mamu, Inc."

November 8, 2017
Posted at 11:40 am

Well, it looks like this story is a real bust compared to my other efforts. So far, there are barely over 500 downloads, and that is a drop in the bucket as compared to my other stories. Nevertheless, I am going to stick with it to the bitter end--so there! LOL

I do want to thank the people who have given the story a chance. I like it, but I suppose that the lack of sex and the horror nature are two strikes against it. Maybe people will like my next effort better. I hope so.