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The Grind continues.

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Hello there boys and girls!

Just a quick update. I have sent the next chapter of Mayhem in a Pill to the editors for them to completely gut and destroy with red slashes each one ragged and deep cuts as if serving as a stand-in for a deep, strong feeling of wanting to do the same to my bare chest. At least that's what I'm thinking whenever I look over the corrections.

I'm kidding... kind of.

So I guess to the couple dozen or so fans of Mayhem in a Pill out there, the next chapter should go up in a few days. It all depends on when my wonderful editors decide to clean a few hours off their schedule since I figure that the amount of time and work spent on this third grade - at best - level of writing.

So, I guess we have that to look forward to.

P.S. Just kidding those editors of mine are great and I know for a fact they wait at the computer patiently everyday ignoring the needs of their world around them and overcome religious fervor just for the opportunity to read my words a few days sooner than anyone else.

Yeah. I like that story better. I'll take it!



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Hello, one and all. First I'd like to thank everyone and all their well wishes while I fight my way through this family trouble. I am through the toughest part of the trouble but I am still hurting a lot. But I can now get back to the regular minutia of the day to day living.

I did find a wonderful side effect of dealing with the pain. Since I had not even looked at the story for the last couple of weeks or so, I re-read what I had previously written of the next chapter.

Holy crap that was some shitty writing! I had written things that would have propelled the story by weeks of a storyline. While that itself isn't a bad thing, I didn't explain how the hell we got there. Downright bad writing. So I renamed the file and put it away to hopefully reuse some of it in future chapter.

So long story short, I've restarted the chapter tonight. But luckily I was able to get pretty far since the time off allowed me to pump up the fire of my wantto. (That's what I call the push and want to actually write.)

I've said before I don't count the words in my chapters. I actually prefer to count the pages in OpenOffice I used to make them. Each of my chapters is generally 12-15 pages long. Some are a little longer but most are in that range. Once I finished the re-writing tonight I'm already onto 8 pages. It is easily the most work I have completed in a single night ever since I started writing this story.

I'm actually fighting myself to not keep writing. I want to keep going but the typos are stacking up from lack of sleep. So I am forcing myself to stop for the night. But I have left little reminders in the chapter to make sure I can get restarted quickly when I wake up in the morning.

Hopefully, I do wake up in the morning.

Make sure you tell the people in your life that you love, that you really do. You might not be able to follow up on your tiny reminders when you do wake up.


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Really bad day today. The loss of a parent is a terrible thing. Of course, it happens to everyone eventually but the loved ones left over have a lot of work to do to get past the feelings.

So today we have a funeral.

I'm hoping this weekend I have some time to work on Mayhem. I'll need to make sure I do. Yes, it is a good way to deal with grief.

Right up until I realize I also named the parents as my parents.

R.I.P. Juanita. I'll miss you for eternity and then I'll happily start over again.

Bad News...

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Like I said bad news.

Important death in the family and for some reason, the family is counting on me to handle the majority of the details.

I actually am hoping to not miss the NFL Draft this weekend. That's how much of my time has been taken up by the unexpected death.


Never worry, Never fear...

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Never worry, never fear, Chapter 45 will soon be here.

For some reason tonight I was thinking about Bugs Bunny. I dunno why. But at least I wasn't thinkin' about Bugs Bunny dressed up as a girl bunny. Dammit!

Okay, I just wanted to let you few fans know that Chapter 45 of Mayhem in a Pill is with the final outside editor. Once they finish and get it back to me, I get to decide if I go with their changes or leave it as is. I normally use their changes cause I'm pretty sure my editors are smarter than me. And I totally know they could beat me up. I'm not a lover or a fighter, I'm in the guy in the back of the cafeteria selling smokes.

Figure Sunday or maybe Monday for the next chapter. The one after may take a wee bit longer just because a lot of my free time this month is going to be taken up with the final season of Game of Thrones. Then the following week is the NFL Draft. I don't miss any of that. It's a problem. I understand it's mine but I don't wanna be fixed. Then the next weekend is the premiere of Avengers: Endgame. I. WILL. BE. WATCHING. THAT. AS. WELL. I already have tickets for the midnight showing. It's good to know people.

So there goes a lot of my free time I normally use to write. But I usually still find an hour here or there so maybe I can get it written quickly or not. It all depends on if I can get flowing with the writing.

Anywho, next chapter of Mayhem in a Pill is coming up soon. Just wanted to let you all know what was happening and why there might be a delay in chapter 46. I don't want a delay but we'll see.