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Hot Damn!!!

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I'll say that again. Hot Damn!!

Seven Thousand downloads in one day! 7,000!!! Scores are one way to measure the story but the number for this story I feel can improve but I think it is reached its normality. But watching the number of people who access the chapter and then now with the new author followers slowly rising, it is a wonderful way to get feedback on a story.

Thank you all very much. I can still remember when I posted the first chapter and watched the counter rise for the next few days. It was amazing. People were reading my little story and they were liking it! Great feedback and great notes as well. I even got a couple of people offering to be editors. Unfortunately, they fell away and I found the two that I work great with. They make the story sooo much better. It would be complete crap without their work.

So, I wonder how long would it take to get it to ten thousand. I believe the record is like four days but I think that number is gonna fall.

As a reward, I will go ahead and not do my weekly search for MILF porn today and this evening. I will work on the next chapter exclusively!

You guys deserve it. Thanks again!

-- Shinerdrinker

Putting Rumors to Rest

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I would have had this next chapter of Mayhem in a Pill posted last weekend. But surprisingly enough, my editors have lives of their own and are not seated silently in front of the computer screen waiting patiently for the next chapter to come their way. I know I was confused by it as well. So we all gotta wait a lil while.

But I also just realized that it is coming up on the one-month deadline since the last chapter was posted. Not to worry people, I have not let myself fall into the self-imposed quagmire of procrastination.

As a matter of fact, the latest chapter is officially in the final phases of editing. So I expect to be able to post either the end of the weekend or the beginning of next week. I don't like posting late Sunday into Monday because the amount of new posted chapters on Sunday night to Monday morning is usually high.

I spend all this time writing the chapter and then going through the many upon many edits from my hard-working editor volunteers, and then the post goes up on Monday. As well as many others. It gets lost and the casual readers don't see it. That's one of the main reason I put myself through all this. I wanna hear what others think of my writing and my story.

So if I can post early Sunday night, I will. But if I have to wait until Monday afternoon or even Tuesday, I will.

So expect the next chapter either the end of the week or beginning of next week.

Thanks for writing and most of all thanks for reading!

-- Shinerdrinker


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Holy Crap!!!

I still find it difficult to imagine that anyone is actually reading my story but then I get news like this. Within 24 hours of Chapter 43 of "Mayhem in a Pill" being posted, we reached 7,000 downloads!

Seven freakin' thousand downloads of Chapter 43 in one day!

I am humbled.

I better get to work on the next chapter if I stick to my general deadline of trying to get the chapter out around 10,000 downloads.

Thanks to everyone who reads the story. I work hard to make the story the best it can be and the pure numbers of people downloading it to read are what makes me keep going.

I will finish this story. I will make the chapters come out faster but there is no way I can make it on a weekly basis. But every other week is a bar I might be able to reach. Not this week but soon... maybe.


Channeling Adelle...

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Sorry, I couldn't think of a better way to open this blog post. I've found I should try not to get too creative with these things but then again I get mad at myself when I post a blog and don't at least TRY to be clever.


I have sent the next chapter to the editors and they will probably take the weekend to look it over and turn it into something vaguely resembling a story written in English.

Then I will post. But have no fear, I am already working on the next chapter and because you guys are slave drivers, this chapter with the editors is a full two to three weeks earlier than normal.

One interesting thing that happened was Chapter 42 hit 10,000 downloads in like four days. I almost cried.

I then set myself to finish before it got to 11,000 because luckily it slowed down but I still didn't get there. But I did beat 12,000. It made that mark while with the editors so I consider it done.

So quick recap. Chapter 43 with editors and will probably post Monday or Tuesday.

Thanks again for the support!



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Okay. Chapter 42 of Mayhem in a Pill is officially in the queue. Enjoy and let me know what you think of it.

Oh also, chapter 43 will be coming a lot sooner than normal. No exact deadline as of yet, but it will be coming out faster.

Thanks for reading my story!