Silent Endings - New Beginnings: A Universe

Civilization was destroyed, along with the majority of the population of the world when China unleashed biological weapons on the rest of the world. China was itself destroyed when the US president hit them with our nuclear weapons. Is this the end or a new beginning?
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After IT Part II: Becoming Established and Forming Alliances Luckier Dog The story continues with the northwest survivors of the Bio-chemical attack. This part deals with how the Commonwealth of Alyeska is set up and some of her first serious trials in the struggle to survive. Dare we say battle? Who do they end up fighting, and who do they join forces with? If you didn't like the first part, don't read this. Some of it is pretty intense.
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Rob's Choices, Harrison0978's Version
Harrison0978 Rob, in his twenties and now involved with several women, but deeply in love with his wife, nevertheless feels he cannot trust her and thus they must remain apart forever. This story starts with a paragraph Just Plain Bob wrote, the rest is by me.
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