Io's world — A Universe from the Mind of Harry Carton

This started out as Zeus and Io's stories. Then I wrote Shakespeare and discovered that story was related, so I expanded the universe. And now Armis & Io... where will it end? Imagine what god-like powers I must have to expand a universe! ......... Zeus and Io's stories are all about the four of them. Yes that's right: four. There's Zeus, a former SEAL who was blown up by an Afghan IED; Io, his self-appointed protector and all around meddlesome female entity who live in the Internet; Master Chief Martinez, who died in the same IED explosion and now lives on in Zeus' brain; and Artemis, an actual human girl who forced herself into his/their lives. .......... Shakespeare is set 500 years in Io's future, and she plays almost no role in it. Shakey (!) is a bard on the planet Yerowl, and non-human. It's about his interactions with a strange race of aliens, who call themselves "human." .......... Armis & Io is about Io's decision to NOT be the sole survivor on planet Earth. It's set in 2061. .......... Sorry... no sex, except by innuendo, in these SciFi tales.

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Zeus and Io - Books 1 and 2
Science Fiction
Don't worry, Zeus & Io is not about Greek Mythology; those are screen names of two participants in a game. Zeus is more than that, however. He is an injured, former SEAL who has someone living in his head, and he has (other) psychological problems too. But is it really paranoia if 'they' are out to get you? Io is Tonto to his Lone Ranger, or is she? What about the Huntress, Artemis? And then there are the bad guys. You'll see. No sex in this long, two part story.
Tags: Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception
Sex Contents: No Sex
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Zeus and Io - Book 3
Science Fiction
This is the continuation of the 'Zeus & Io' story. You can read Z&I, books 1 & 2 in the basic story, but this one will (barely) stand on it's own. I'd say, read the previous story, but I'm the author. :-) - - - It's a story about a former SEAL/sniper, his disembodied brain hitchhiker, the girl who forced her way into his life, and the abiological entity who lives in the internet. Oh... and a cast of many, many bad guys and some good guys, I guess.
Tags: Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal
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Science Fiction
A sci-fi story about a character that comes to be called Shakespeare, because he is The Bard of his people. This tale chronicles his people's interaction with a strange group of aliens who call themselves 'humans.'
Tags: Science Fiction, Space
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Armis & Io
Science Fiction
This is a simple tale that involves changes to every aspect of human society on the planet. Wait... it's a story of the assassination of a President -- or it's a story of the 1%ers fighting for their lives --no, it's about a kidnapping by -- Well, it IS about the only non-human intelligence on the planet, who has decided she doesn't want to be the only thing alive in a few hundred years, and the steps she takes to make sure it doesn't happen that way. -- [3x Weekly postings.]
Tags: Science Fiction, Slow, Violent, Military, Politics
Sex Contents: No Sex
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