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Sol Conflict — A Universe from the Mind of Evestrial

This is a time when Mars, Venus, and several small moons in the belt and Jovian system have been colonized. The Jovian Colonies fought for independence against Earth and Mars and lost because they could not fight against the GeneMod soldiers employed by Earth or the larger, more complete, combined Navy of Earth and Mars. Now the belt colonies and several of the Jovian moons are little more than slave labor camps with only a couple exceptions.
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Good Morning Maa
Science Fiction
This is a story about self discovery and coming to accept what you are.
Tags: Science Fiction, Robot
Sex Contents: No Sex
25 KB 1587 96 6.83

Mars Falling Down
Science Fiction
A short story about a terrorist plot to collapse one of the environmental walls on Mars and the two men trying to stop it, a retired Navy Communication officer who is getting to old for this and his only real friend, a Marine GeneMod Soldier that was forcible retired after the colonial war ended.
Tags: Science Fiction, Military
Sex Contents: No Sex
37 KB 1578 102 6.73