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He's the Cuckolder, a man who only has sex with people in committed relationships. He's dominant, clear about what he wants, and has cuckolded many. These are his stories: what he does, and how he came to be the way he is.
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The Cuckolder
Brian Erhard doesn't believe in relationships for himself, he's the one who breaks them. Still, he only has sex with people in a committed relationship. When he meets the submissive Madeline in a bar, it seems like things might change. This story does have some MM sex, but always from the Brian's dominant point of view.
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Sex Contents: Much Sex
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Summer of '89
At fifteen, Brian's family moved to Cleveland. He's trying to save enough money from his lawn care business to buy a car. His (young, married, sexy) next door neighbor offers to pay him with other currency. This is the first of planned trilogy detailing Brian's origin as The Cuckolder. This is a BDSM-light story, but there are scenes which occur later, near the end.
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Sex Contents: Much Sex
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