Manatee Bay — A Universe from the Mind of lordshipmayhem

The (mis)adventures of Paul Jackman.
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The New Swimming Hole
lordshipmayhem The local School Board has a problem that Paul is uniquely capable of helping them with.
Tags: Humor, School, Nudism
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The New School House
lordshipmayhem My daughter's elementary school burns down, and I get the call to civic duty.
Tags: Humor, Workplace, School, Nudism
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The New Employee
lordshipmayhem A young girl has to pay for her crime of trespassing into Barracuda Beach Naturist Resort.
Tags: Humor, Workplace, Nudism
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Runaway From Hell Cor George Cunningham, a Manatee Bay High School teacher suffering from acute gymnophobia comes back from vacation and discovers that the State Educational Standards committee requires all students in the school system must attend swimming lessons to graduate and that the only pool available is within the grounds of the local naturist resort. His only options are to peel or resign. This story follows ch. 3 & runs parallel to ch. 4 of The New Swimming Hole.
Tags: Humor, Tear Jerker, Nudism
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Montessori High School
Cor This is a cross-over story that brings Lisa Cummings of "The Teacher" into Lordship Mayhem's "Manatee Bay" universe. The parents of graduating students of 'Cuda Beach Elementary discover that their children do better in a clothes-free environment and want a clothes-free high school. Janet Brooks of the school board hears of the Sunny Acres naturist High school and explores the possibilities. In the meantime, others refuse to accept the continued tendency towards generalized nudity.
Tags: Slow, Nudism
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Coming of Age
Cor I am posting this today because it is March 8... International Women's Day. We are 5 years after the Montessori HS story. Paul Jackman is mayor of Manatee Bay. Rev. Harrison, everyone's favourite bigot, has left town after his son was convicted of shooting at Debra & Paul Jackman with a paintball gun. All the schools are clothes-free & while the bylaws do not permit total nudity for adults, top-freedom is customary for both men and women. However, there is an air of change in the wind...
Tags: Humor, Tear Jerker, Interracial, Slow, School, Nudism
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