The Traveller Saga — A Universe from the Mind of Wandering Lanes

Sar'ha was forced to become a Traveller and found Chris Beaker, these stories described their adventures in the magic as well as technomagical worlds. Action on Sar'ha's world Zorba'n and Chris' world Earth (yes that blue/green thing on the edge of the known universe)
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The Traveller
Sar'ha, an apprentice in the Art, suffers an accident during a training exercise and her mind is thrown out of her body. Chris Beaker is a computer programmer, who finds his dreams are taking a strange turn. then his life changes when Sar'ha talks to him.
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Chris Beaker
After learning about magic from Sar'ha Chris finds that he is now the target of various people, including a dark mage with murder in his mind - Can Chris survive his attacks? A sequel to The Traveller
Tags: Fiction, Military
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