Adventures of Avenger of Calvar, Princess Linden — A Universe from the Mind of BikeWriter

The Kingdom of Calvar was overrun by the forces of evil Wizards during the Wizard Wars. Princess Linden was rescued by her Father King Amadar's faithful Knight, Sir Klaron. Her Mother, Queen Margo, beseeched Linden and Klaron to return to Calvar one day before sacrificing herself so they could escape.
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Princess Linden's Weapon Master's Sash

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This is a selection from one of my books about a teen age Princess who felt compelled to qualify with weapons so she can rule her country better when she ascends to her throne.
Tags: Fiction, Historical
Sex Contents: No Sex
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Rescued or Ensnared by a Siren?
Mind Control

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This is an excerpt from a book I'm writing.
Tags: mt/Fa, Rape, Mind Control, Fiction, First
Sex Contents: Some Sex
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