Just Plain Bob Annual Invitational — A Universe from the Mind of Just Plain Bob

Open for any author to furnish an ending for part one of the story "Rob's Saga."
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Rob's Saga. T T B's Take
torchthebitch This is torchthebitch's take on the JPB invitational. Read Rob's Saga first
Tags: Violent
Sex Contents: No Sex
14 KB 5059 178 5.96

Rob's Saga: Eminence Grise Tux My ending to Just Plain Bob's Annual Invitational. A faithless wife, a vengeful biker, jailbait twins and their scheming mom: Our hero might just get himself out of this if he can only stay two steps ahead of everyone else.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slow
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
38 KB 4554 154 6.96