The Seven Kingdoms — A Universe from the Mind of Daniellekitten

From Bloodstone which tells the story of Luria and Prince Dorian, that is only a single kingdom in the seven. Why should I stop there? Fantasy with romance as well as bad guys a plenty and of course, the prerequisite happily ever after that I give all my stories guarantees you at least an interesting read. I hope you'll give them a try.
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The third installment of the Seven Kingdom series. Kyrsta is a woman who has a wonderful gift, when her mother is killed, she becomes the weapon of the man who killed her. Christian Gage is a man forced out of his time and taken to a new world. Would he be strong enough to save Kyrsta or would he become lost in the Second Kingdom?
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Beauty's Choice
Meeting a Princess
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This is the original Bloodstone. I will be reposting it as I get it reformated. At one time it was published so it can mess up formatting. Bloodstone is about the Lady Luria, an innocent drawn into a relationship with a man she finds disgusting. After taking her innocence, she is rescued by Prince Balor from the Seventh Kingdom. Thus starts the running and hiding and fighting to free themselves of Magnus, Lord of the Dark Castle. He wants nothing more than to recapture Luria.
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