Raznits Universe — A Universe from the Mind of Mocha1120

A universe in which, the Raznits a spacefaring slaveholding race, discover Earth during the early Twenty-First Century. The Raznits think the people of Earth will surrender to them because of the Raznits Empire's technological superiority. Some of the people of Earth have other ideas. These are the stories about the struggle between the Raznits and Humans.
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First Contact
Science Fiction
For the last 5,000 years the Raznits considered themselves the Lords of All Creation. Now they are about to add Milltog 3 to the Raznits Empire. The Raznits intended to make slaves out of the inhabitants of Milltog 3, just like they did to every other race they encountered. The question the Raznits did not ask was did the inhabitants of Milltog 3 want to be slaves. More importantly, could a non-spacefaring race prevent a spacefaring race from doing exactly what it wanted to do?
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Science Fiction
What do you do when you discover a powerful interstellar empire intends to subjugate your planet and make everyone on it a slave? You try to build a roadblock. This is the story of the men and women trying to build a roadblock that will prevent the Raznits from taking over Earth. All they need to do to win is master an alien technology, defeat the bureaucracy of the U.S. Government, and defeat spies from other governments.
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