The Fall of the Kingdom — a series by ObviousPseudonym
The Kingdom is on edge. The foul necromancer is preparing for war, allied with bestial orcs and goblins. Only the prophecy of the Chosen brings hope that they can be beaten. But as the King's eyes look to the east, an invasion of the Black from the west threatens all. Can anything stop the Fall of the Kingdom? (Stories don't follow consecutively, but should be read in order for greater understanding)
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Who Chooses the Chosen?
Harper and his fellow soldiers are stuck babysitting the Chosen One and the party the King sent with him. But as the Necromancer's plans unfurl Harper must find out what is going wrong while fighting off orcs, goblins and more. Before the quest fails and the kingdom falls Harper must find the answer to the question noone has asked: Who chose the Chosen One?
Tags: Fiction, High Fantasy, Mystery, Zombies, Violent, Military
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