Kenny the Kansan — a series by Openbook

A trilogy about a young orphan boy whose humble beginnings get transformed into a life filled with both opportunity and challenge. In book one, Kenny has to overcome a lifetime of distrust and resistance. In the process of assimilation and integration, the family changes Kenny, but Kenny becomes the catalyst for all of them to change as well.

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10th Grade
Kenny Masters had just been scooped out of the frying pan and placed not in the fire he expected, but rather, in the very lap of luxury. His life was about to change, but was he ready for all of those changes?
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11th Grade
The second book in the Kenny the Kansan Series. In the first, Kenny makes a transition from orphan to beloved son of a rich and troubled family. Now, Kenny has settled in with his new family, and his future financial success seems assured. His social skills with peers are very limited, and he knows he needs to make some large adjustments if he ever wants to be truly happy.
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12th Grade
Kenny tries to make the most of his opportunities. He finds his purpose and begins his journey towards achieving his goals.
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The Good Years
Kenny learns to cope with his emotional problems. In the process, he brings all the loose strands together, weaving a better life for himself and those he touches.
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