Blackmail — a collection from HAL

Blackmail comes in many forms, it can be the emotional blackmail of a child "everyone else has one ..." or the full-blown blackmail of forbidden sex pictures. This is series of stories attempting to explore some of the different aspects.

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Blackmail - the Accountant, the Expenses, and the Girl Another look at blackmail, people have different weak spots for blackmail, and people engage in blackmail for different reasons. I could give you a list, but read the story, then you'll understand.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Light Bond, Slow
Sex Contents: Much Sex
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Blackmail - the Spy Another short story with blackmail woven through it. This one is a little different. Remember the books before the internet and adventure games that let you pick your route through a story? Well, this one has two endings, you choose. Cuthbert gets caught in a honey trap.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Fiction, Slow
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
22 KB 843 36 6.52

Blackmail - the Priest This story came to me when I thought that even in all the trouble the Church is in, some priests must be good, fine people. What happens when a moral man is tested?
Tags: Fiction
Sex Contents: No Sex
9 KB 1228 51 6.33

Accountant He was cycling on the Raleigh economy job of life; allowing the gentle slope to carry him down to retirement in forty years’ time. Then he discovered Hinton International’s hole in its accounts. What was the CEO up to? And how should he benefit by this information?
Tags: Ma/Fa, Ma/ft
Sex Contents: Some Sex
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