Unit Taffy 3/Detroit — a series by Paige Turner
Part of the Detroit 2015 universe

A group of Special Forces soldiers are sent to be range safety officials to a television show in production. One of the soldiers is a noted 'tall tail teller' and has enough stage present that they cast him in the starring role for the TV show 'Jack's Place' Before this is over, 'Jack the Cat' will be officially voted 'the luckiest soldier in TWO armies!' and will be up for the role of Paris Hilton's boyfriend if the show gets picked up. With Jack the Cat's world being a bit crazier than thou's, since his landlord's daughter is hiding a couple of soldiers in her bedroom ... is that aiding the enemy? Officially?

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Unit Taffy 3/ Detroit: December 25, 2014, 0540 Hrs
Science Fiction
The 'Second Show' in The Qubit Comedy and Drama Hour is "Unit Taffy 3/Detroit" and in the first week of television, 'how all these characters happened to meet up' is being set up. The 'teasers' dropped into conversation in 'The Old Reality Bar & Grill' reference Jack and the Unit Taffy 3. Don't worry if this is a bit hard to follow, any time travel theme is obviously going to be different if you are laying out concepts like 'time crimes' and 'reality grenades' to show how they are done.
Tags: Celebrity, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Historical, Mystery, Interracial, Workplace, School, Military
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Taffy 3 Part One, Scene 1: "Jack's Having a Bad Morning
Time Travel
Ever wake up parked in a furniture store in a half track and not have a clue as to how you got there? Jack the Cat, Special Forces instructor has that problem and figures it's going to screw up his career! Heck of a way to start out your morning, isn't it?
Tags: Science Fiction, Time Travel, Military
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