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Alone-A family thing — a series by Salladin

It started as a desire to lead a simple, new life, for everyone. That's the thing of it. People can not easily change what they are. As their family takes over, they too are products of how they were raised. Only family could ever understand what was to happen.

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Nick thought he had lived an exciting life. His wife and he divorced. He won the Lottery. Then decided that he was going to lead a simple life in a place called Stillwater Junction. Nestled away just North of Richmond, Virginia, life should be peaceful and serene. His new life was not to be as solo as he thought. He finds that other people have worse trouble than he does, and tries to help. Nick is not the only one with a troubled past.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Military
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
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Alone Part II
Time marches on. No one wants to admit they can get old. Victor and I were no different. If we had it our way, Hell, we would be going strong at 80. Life, however, did not work that way. Bruno became the heir-apparent. The 'Family' was going to remain a family business too. Another follow on story will soon be added. Alone Part III, I think. Thank you all.
Tags: Violent
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
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A Debt Owed
Things were changing everyday. The rules and happenings within the 'family' seemed to be no exception. A son who was not to follow in his Father's 'business', a daughter who would. Add to that a man with no future who Mike Manza was willing to give everything to, well almost everything.
Tags: Fiction, Horror, Slow, Violent, Military, Cannibalism
Sex Contents: No Sex
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Why? seems to have many uses and many meanings. Why did something happen? Why did things not happen or were not happening as planned. In our cases the Why did she....? is appropriate for several people. Only one of which is answered with that age old answer; Love. I marked this as finished, though that may change, either more in the Universe or in the new books to the storyline. Hope you like it.
Tags: Slow
Sex Contents: No Sex
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California Dreams What does it take for people to feel useful in society. Jon, Marge, Bonnie and their girls find out. It seems that everyone had just forgot about them, their needs, wants or desires ignored. It took a random act to start a change. Would it continue, could anyone overlook the handicaps they all had. None of their lives had much meaning. That one day though, had given all of them hope. In any case, some hope was better than none at all.
Tags: Tear Jerker
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We Do the Best We Can
We all have heard the axiom that 'to make omelets, you need to break a few eggs'. In this story, hearts are broken too. There is violence, torture and bizarre punishments in this story. There is also love and a sort of retribution in it. Everything has a price, Marc never thinks that is too dear though.
Tags: Revenge, Torture, Slow, Violent, Military
Sex Contents: No Sex
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