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Were-Animals — A Universe from the Mind of Daniellekitten
Were-panthers, wolves and more. Whether it's Lukah and Marissa, Nashe and Terry or other characters that catch my imagination, I hope you enjoy these tales.
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1 The Were Handbook
Daniellekitten This isn't really a story. I'm going through each of the novels and listing the characters as well as a short synopsis of the story line so that those of you who can't remember who is who can look here to find out. This is the first part, Pick of the Litter. Thanks!
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2 Caged!
Daniellekitten Rhys is a Were Mountain Lion. She's lived in a territory that at one time was safe. Now slowly but surely, her family and her clan were being taking away It's her turn now.
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3 Hunter Hunted
Daniellekitten Mirage suffered the curse of an ancient Greek goddess. She'd been alive for over three thousand she been untouchable. Those that had touched her went insane. Now she's found the one man who could touch her, the one man whose touch made her pant with need. Would he be the one to break the curse?
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4 Phoenix
Science Fiction
Daniellekitten Protector Reming (introduced in A Tiger's Love) was looking for a replacement for one of his team. Tama Seri Ar seemed like the perfect fit. But Tama had her own reasons for wanting to be part of the ASP Team leader's team. She had a mission to complete, one that might end up causing the extinction of her kind. When Reming finds out, will he understand or will the Phoenix be the only thing that Tama could hold on to?
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