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Reviews by bill9900
About bill9900:
I have been reading SOL stories for several years, and finally decided to take a stab at writing a few reviews. I hope you will find them useful.

My preferences are stories with a good plot, interesting characters, readable writing, and few typos. A pet peeve for me is a good story that is nearly unreadable because the author didn't bother to edit for readability or even just run things through a spell checker.

Some of my favorite authors are Aroslav, RoustWriter, Argon, Colt45, Lubrican, RLFJ, Jay Cantrell, Marsh Alien, Ron Dudderie, Lazlo Zalezak, Refusenik, Russell Hoisington, and Tony Stevens. There are many, many others here on SOL who are worth your time, too.
Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
The Shack: the Guardians Todd_d172 2018-05-09 10 8 10
The Dolphin Colin Barrett 2017-11-27 10 9 9
Retribution Thornfoote 2017-10-10 10 9 9
Resonance Demosthenes 2017-07-08 10 9 10
The Reset Manifesto Lazlo Zalezac 2017-06-15 10 10 10
Mothers and Daughters Lazlo Zalezac 2017-02-13 9 10 10
Art Something aroslav 2017-01-30 10 10 10
Blue Topaz Eyes (1) Todd_d172 2016-12-09 9 10 10
The Future of Miss Powers Lazlo Zalezac 2016-11-22 10 9 10
You Don't Need to Wave a Card... Thinking Horndog 2016-08-26 8 8 9
A Fresh Start rlfj 2016-08-16 10 9 10
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