Survival by Ka Hmnd

Author's Description:
Returning home turns out to be harder than expected. When the shuttle crashes far from the colony Firehawk must make his way with two teenage girls.
Size: 283 KB ( ~ 53,665 words)
Genre: Science Fiction
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie

Review by Vitruvian Manuel   [other reviews by Vitruvian Manuel]

Reviewed: 2014-07-28

This is adventure scifi, with all the good and bad that comes with it.

First, the bad. There is no character development. Even as people age, the go from "I'm a teenager" to "I'm a doctor" with no other discernible changes. There's a lot of sex. And it's not that imaginative. About the most you can say about it is that there's some mild MFF stuff. Plus, there's a guy named Tiger in a world full of tigers, and that's just confusing.

There's also some good. The things run into as the story goes along are interesting. The world is interesting. There is a callback to the introductory story (story 1 in the series) which is always nice.

But, in the end, this wasn't a winner for me. The lack of character development, meaningful interactions, and interesting relationships just meant the story fell flat. Quite frankly, (I think this was maybe the author's intent) the animals are more interesting than the people in a great many cases.

So, if you're after some pure exploration and action/adventure scifi, this is the story for you. However, if characters are critical to your enjoyment, maybe give this one a pass.


Plot: 5 | Technical Quality: N/A | Appeal to Reviewer: 5