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Surprise! I'm Left-handed by aubie56

Author's Description:
John Oakley was your average Federal Marshal escorting a sadistic sociopath, Jess McFarland to trial for a new crime when he was ambushed, tortured, and left to die or not as the fates chose. He survived and became a bounty hunter. He was fired from his Federal Marshal job because of what his captors had done to his left knee and right hand. This is the story of John's three-year search for his tormenters. John's primary weapon became a shotgun firing "buck and ball."
Size: 145 KB ( ~ 27,496 words)
Genre: Western
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Historical, Western, Torture, Violent

Review by therev   [other reviews by therev]

Reviewed: 2014-08-09

Another good story from Aubie56, an interesting variation on the perennial cowboy who is injured and left for dead by callous and viscous crooks. He ends up with very disabling injuries which would have killed a lesser man; however, he is a fighter. He is saved by a man and his son who comes past later on; they patch him as best they can and when he is reasonable healed he moves on to a nearby town.

He becomes a stage coach guard, then "retires" from that and becomes bounty hunter, with the hope of finding the men who "damaged" him and left him for dead. He ends up marrying a local girl, which adds to the appeal of this story.

He does reasonably well in his new profession, and during this he extracts some revenge on the men who injured him. Being wanted for bounties just made the situation sweeter for him.

The story finished with "justice" being served on all gang and him going home. This would be a natural finishing point in the story, however, I did feel a bit let down that nothing further was added (or happened).

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