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Shut Up and Drive! by Denham Forrest

Author's Description:
A guy with a questionable reputation, spots a female he doesn't expect to see in a bar that has an even worse reputation.
Size: 171 KB ( ~ 32,427 words)
Genre: Romantic
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Romantic, Cheating

Review by funkso   [other reviews by funkso]

Reviewed: 2014-04-25

I'm not likely to review a story that I am not fond of, so it will come as no shock that I really enjoyed "Shut up and Drive".

If you look through my reviews, you can see that I am drawn to cheating partner stories - probably some part of my psyche that should be examined, but given they're fairly common around these parts I'm not the only one!

This one in particular, the protagonist isn't really involved in the cheating, which is part of what I did enjoy about the tale - he's just a good guy doing the right thing. The story itself doesn't really focus on the cheating, and it's partly just a justification to drive the romantic story forward.

Actually Ted, the protagonist, comes across as more flash than substance - he's full of reputation that is seemingly little deserved. At least he's aware of it. But, he is a good guy and stands up for himself and is the knight in shining armor that people mockingly attribute to him in this instance.

It's really Estelle though that is the interesting character. She's aware of how she's been a stuck up, too good for anyone, priss her entire life - and she's beginning to see what she's missed, and what it has cost her.

And the growth she goes through in a short time, and the immediate payoffs for her is interesting.

Actually, even though it's really a short moment of time, it'd be interesting to see a tale where it's taken further - and we see where these two end up - their cavorting, their future... because it's just fun.

And that's what I take from this tale: it's just plain fun. "Stella" is fun, the proverbial river without a paddle she finds herself in is fun, and what she discovers is fun.

Given the story is probably shorter than this review you should have just given up reading this and given the story a read by now - but if not, cut your losses and go read it!

Plot: 8 | Technical Quality: 6 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9