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Earthquake by aubie56

Author's Description:
What would happen if there was a repeat of the New Madrid earthquake? And what if that earthquake was just the first of a series that encircles the world? This is the story of two teen boys who have to face that situation and lead the return of humanity to its rightful place on Earth.
Size: 203 KB ( ~ 38,495 words)
Genre: Action/Adventure
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: mt/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, Oral Sex, Violent

Review by Markw   [other reviews by Markw]

Reviewed: 2013-07-16

Another in my favourite genre - end of the world, cataclysm etc. Overall I enjoyed the story but felt a bit let down.

Whilst it is obvious the catastrophe in the story is an earthquake, the devastation it causes is really something more - and whilst this is hinted at a few times in the story (asteroid?) it isn't really explored and explained. For instance, an earthquake, whilst it would completely devastate an entire area, would have to be so huge as to almost be an ELE (recall Sudden Impact!).

The story - well it really reads like a series of diary entries rather than someone telling a story. And, in a way, this was a let down for me. There are a number of 'time skips' where the heroes of the story suddenly move forward in time without any real explanation of what happened in the meantime. The sudden finish was, well, sudden! It reads as it the author, Aubie56, either ran out of 'story' and wanted to wrap it up or he is planning on a sequel. In a way, I hope the latter because this continuing story could be very very good.

The description of the river travel was, in my opinion, well done to the point where even from Australia, I was able to imagine the river in my mind while reading the story. For this alone Aubie56 should be congratulated.

By necessity there are a large number of people in the story by its end and this is something authors have to come to grips with. The reader cannot easily remember 10, 15 or 20 characters who are all named and part of the story. They could each provide for continuing, separate, story arc's, but care needs to be taken not to overwhelm the reader with a large character set, all of whom take part in the action.

As I say - I did enjoy this story - but it definitely needs to work of an editor. Too many times a misspelling or wrong word made me stop reading to ask 'What? Just what was meant by that?' At times the word used actually meant something completely different to the thrust of the story at that time - but don't let this stop you reading it. Hopefully, at some stage, Aubie56 will run it through an editor and the story will be all the better for it.

Plot: 8 | Technical Quality: 5 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9