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Making a Baby With Dad by Old Fart

Author's Description:
A young couple finds out they can't have children.
Size: 13 KB ( ~ 2,465 words)
Genre: Romantic
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Romantic

Review by Mazeppa   [other reviews by Mazeppa]

Reviewed: 2013-01-17 - (Review Updated: 2013-01-17)

A fine little story which deserves a higher mark. A sensitive look at love, life and death - and making babies. The characters are sympathetic and have believable motivations. I don't doubt that there are a few 'family units' in the world who are exactly in this slightly unorthodox, but entirely natural position.

Nice politically INCORRECT sentiments such as a rejection of test-tube fertility treatments or adoption as solutions for childless couples. Good psychological truth which recognizes that making babies is at the root of a healthy sexual psyche for both males AND females. For those who hate incest themes, the 'Dad' of the title is not the biological Dad, so relax. Anyway, 3 sincere cheers for their solution to their baby-making problems.

Although there's no sex, as such, there's a strong understated 'sense' of it. There's a constant hint of the eroticism of the characters and subtle little oblique references as to their sex lives, so I've given stroke amount 5, although strictly speaking it's an 'N/A'.


I think it would be more powerful if the author had used a more 'disguised' title, and our curiosity would have been peeked as to where it was all leading.

Although the sense is always very clear, the paragraphs feel kind of 'random' in length and theme, as if the story was written rather quickly.

Plot: 8 | Technical Quality: 8 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9