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Future Girl by Lubrican

Author's Description:
What do you do when a woman shows up on your doorstep and tells you something that's completely impossible to believe? Like that she met your great great grandfather one time. You invite her in, of course.
Size: 59 KB ( ~ 11,188 words)
Genre: Science Fiction
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Oral Sex

Review by peregrinf   [other reviews by peregrinf]

Reviewed: 2014-12-09 - (Review Updated: 2014-12-10)

Okay, first off, this story is just pure, joyous fun! The characters are entertaining and believable in what is an unbelievable situation. But the story is written so well that suspending my disbelief was no effort at all. It simply levitated away.

It puts an intriguing twist on time travel, and Lubrican led me down that garden path without once creating one of those time-travel paradoxes that are so cliche.

It is romantic, without being gooey. The characters are deftly sketched and likable. The action is well paced and held my interest. It is a short story well worth spending a little time with.

As far as technical quality goes it is flawless.

Frankly I think it deserves better scores than it has gotten, probably because what little sex there is isn't all that graphic. It is loving, entertaining and moving, but not what I would describe as stroke material at all. If that's all you're interested in, go someplace else. But don't score it down for that.

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10

Review by Belinda LaPage   [other reviews by Belinda LaPage]

Reviewed: 2014-11-11

Bob's just this guy. Pretty regular kind of guy; you know, does stuff, lives his life, divorced, grown children, lives alone, writes erotica. Like I said, a regular guy.

Tuesday is just this girl. Pretty regular kind of girl; you know, pretty, vivacious, funny, single mum with a young son, time traveler. Like I said, a regular girl.

Tuesday's been on an adventure. It captured her heart and now she can't reclaim it. Maybe Bob help. But how? He doesn't even know her!

Bob, just be Bob. Be a regular guy and see how it flies.


For fans of Bob Lubrican's erotic work, be warned, this is a romance. It's not exactly Mills and Boon; there's way too many hard-ons and virtual undressings for that, but it's a romance nonetheless.

"Well," I hear you say, "that's shit, because I like steamy hot sex. Yep, smokin' hot babes with breasts of a size exceeded only by their libidos; lunging, plunging cocks; gasping orgasms. You know? Erotica."

"Sure," I says, "but is there anything else you like in a short story?"

"I'm glad you asked," I hear you say again. "Because I don't mind a well turned phrase; I'm partial to a well-defined character; and I enjoy a quirky storyline with plenty of detail to give it colour and depth."

Well jeepers; it's lucky we ran into each other, because I just read such a story and you might like it too, even without the scorching hot sex. It's called 'Future Girl', by Bob Lubrican. Here, I'll link it right at the top of this review.

PLOT: Great (9) - Light and fun. It used the time-travel device without over-using it. That is, it had enough other elements in it that you didn't get all ho-hum about the time travel.

TECHNICAL: Perfect (10) - Well, you know what 'perfect' means, don't you? Why are you still reading? Go on to the next paragraph goddammit! Man, you're persistent. OK, alright already. No spelling mistakes, no grammar glitches. Beautifully crafted sentences and paragraphs and nicely paced. There! Happy?

APPEAL TO ME: Very Good (8) - Romance is a tough sell for a guy. There were a couple of things I would change if I had my magic story wand. Don't get me wrong, I read this one through to the end quite happily and imagined I was funny, quirky, clever Tuesday. I liked it and I said why above.

Bob was a bit too real to carry the romance though. When faced with a beautiful, young, perky woman who was obviously interested in him, all he could think about was how beautiful, young and perky she was; and whether her interest in him would possibly extend to getting naked and polishing his cock.

I did mention he was a regular guy, right? For a romance, I don't mind my guys to be a bit irregular. Perhaps they could be a bit enchanted and smitten with their female lead, imagining perhaps what it might feel like to run their fingers through her hair, or perhaps crave the touch of her ruby-lips. But it would be awesome if they could keep their cock-polishing thoughts private until she actually begins the polishing.

VERDICT: Great (9) - It's short, it's fun, it's got sweet characters and enough lovely detail for you to wile away 20-30 minutes in a manner that you might just find charming.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 8