S&S Nerd by Dual Writer

Author's Description:
A young versatile university PhD professor is tired of being the object of derision as the pocket protector guy. When offered an opportunity to join a unique company, he takes a chance and enjoys the transition. Caution, there will be some areas of intense sex. Just skip over those that are offensive.
Size: 979 KB ( ~ 185,647 words)
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa

Review by therev   [other reviews by therev]

Reviewed: 2014-03-20

Another "side" story to embellish the S&S saga. However, it could also stand alone, but does mesh well the the overall theme. A geek is lured from his Uni job & doesn't look back. He is responsible for some very interesting & profitable concepts for S&S, as well as enhancing other aspects of the business.

A once shy loner, he ends up with a "harem" (MUST be something in the water there!) that produces 2 children for him.

A good story, but I felt it left a couple of things undone: did the code for the laser get "leaked"? was the laser tested on the composite material? (for every weapon you develop, you have to have a defense before it can be turned against you.)

Is this the last of the series? or just a rest break?

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10