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Game Plan by ExtrusionUK

Author's Description:
Not everyone thinks that spending billions so that people can run round in circles very, very fast is a totally excellent idea. But what would you do if you felt like objecting?
Size: 20 KB ( ~ 3,793 words)
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Fiction

Review by Teloz   [other reviews by Teloz]

Reviewed: 2013-07-27

Some people hail ExtrusionUK as a genius. Some people call him mad as a box of frogs. Me? I'm a reviewer, I have to remain impartial ... though for Game Plan ... if you were to really press me in private ... I would probably settle for the box of frogs ... or maybe a sack of squirrels ...

Read, and enjoy!

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10