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Fooling Around 101 - Version Alpha by Lubrican

Author's Description:
When Cindy comes to Uncle Bob, asking to learn some things before she starts dating, he doesn't intend to teach her a lot. But things seem to take on a life of their own, and pretty soon Cindy has mastered the entry level classes. They say education only whets the appetite for knowledge. Turns out that's true with sex too!
Size: 169 KB ( ~ 32,047 words)
Genre: Romantic
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: Ma/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Incest, Uncle, Niece, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy

Review by Ivan_Ronical   [other reviews by Ivan_Ronical]

Reviewed: 2012-10-21

I'm back.

Having just finished re-reading/finishing and updating my review for the incredible "Life With Alpha" by Any Pseudonym, I dug into my backlog of stories that has been accumulating for the past 5-6 months to try and find something worth reading. After a number of less-than-incredible stories which I either: 1) had to put down or 2) completed and did not want to give a discouraging review for, I got fed up and turned to a reliable source: the massively prolific Lubrican. (Fans of my reviews or his works will recall that I previously gave a very favorable review to his "The Perfect Visitor" story.)

Fooling Around 101 (α) is yet another story of an Uncle Bob character; this one is about a man who chronically underestimates the intelligence of his niece and seems to be unable to use his own intelligence (which, while alluded to in the story as existing, I am still skeptical of) whenever she is around. His niece is tremendously well-endowed in all possible areas, according to his narrative, and there is nothing she can't do, including get her uncle to spout memorable lines like: "Uncle Bob will help make all that nasty nervousness go away, and ensure that you will be confident and eager to sally forth onto the battlefield of adolescent emotional carnage!" which make the reader feel like they are watching an episode of Frasier. Ignoring clever statements like these and "the Jammies Curve" from Bob, I actually found the twin brothers in this series to be the most realistic characters. Funny that, considering their roles in the story are limited.

Plot-wise, this story did not deviate from my expectations of a work written by Lubrican. It starts slow and unrelated to him fucking some poor girl's brains out, creating themes and memorable events, then builds them into a solid foundation for his storyline of fucking some poor girl's brains out. Well done here in truth, good sir. The author points out, during the course of events, some obviously bad plot points which he could have used, and I think I speak for all his readers when I say that I'm grateful he only pointed them out instead of using them; there's only so much "She's hot, she wants me, I'm gonna get me some pussy and a double handful o' them tittays" that I can take before I need a cold shower to avoid writing rage reviews.

Technique was good overall in the writing; couple little things here and there which caught my eye but nothing super serious.

As expected from a master stroker--err...master stroke writer-- like Lubrican, once the sex starts ramping up, it only gets hotter until it hits what I like to call the Montage Point: "Over [indication of time], we [sex act verb]ed [number] times every day and it was the best [sex act from before] I've ever had." I should note that I am not saying that the Montage Point is a bad thing, it's just an inevitability.

When reading Uncle Bob stories nowadays, I like to try something a bit different than simply reading each one as-is; I try to read them as tragedies where the main character is a tragic hero who is brought down by a flaw. This Bob's flaw is thinking that he's smarter than he really is, which leads to him believing that he can maintain control over the situation while allowing his sex goddess niece to use his frequently-erect penis as a pacifier. I knew that his downfall was nigh when she completely gave the game away by saying "Everybody says that's the best way to control a boy" with regard to giving him handjobs. Really, Uncle Bob? Who did you think she was talking about, Mr. Genius Engineering Consultant? By the way, Bob, of COURSE 50% of engineers graduate in the bottom half of their class. That's how fractions work.

Deep breaths. In and out. Whew. As I was saying, Lubrican really sells the tragic hero aspect here; Bob succumbs to his tragic flaw and gets stuck with a wife who's more anti-prophylactic than FOX News during abortion debate clips. The rest of Bob's life is spent getting older and older while having to be the father of an ever-growing brood of children that he never wanted, instead of spending all day every day creating mattress indentations with his 20-year younger wife. Heartbreaking.

Seriously though, this is a pretty good read, and I recommend it.

Plot: 8 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 7