Biker Vets Lose a Righteous Brother by BikeWriter

Author's Description:
This story has the same main characters as a book I'm posting here. One main focus is the loss of a Brother Vet. The story is dedicated to all Veterans, and to our Brothers and Sisters who never came home!
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Genre: Action/Adventure
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Tear Jerker

Review by 54vette   [other reviews by 54vette]

Reviewed: 2010-07-09

As time goes on I see more and more incidences of FALLEN and FORGOTTEN Vets of ANY war America was involved in. I not only served by their side(s) in service to these here United States of America, but I did time with many when I felt the need to extend my rebellious ways. I'm older and hopefully wiser now and as much as I am proud of the men and women who continue to serve this great nation of ours I'm still frustrated at how little their service to our country is diminished and even forgotten in many cases (such as the main focus of this story).

I know that I served along with "Tiger" Murphy. The character portrayed in this story as is as real to me as my own personal "Tiger" Murphy. I can relate to this story so much that I'm still shaking with anger and frustration that we treat our Veterans like shit the majority of the time and wonder why they form subcultures such as biker clubs just to be sure that someone's got their back in civilian life.

Take a moment and read this story then do yourself a big favor and write your asshole congressman or woman and tell them get our troops home. Because, like Nam, we're not fighting for "Truth, Justice and The American Way!" We're fighting, yet again, for the commodity known as crude oil. YET, BP still hasn't contained the Gulf Oil spill as of this writing and our troops are still coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq with higher cases of PTSD because the average tour of duty is over a fucking year! In some cases 3 years! WTF is THAT? And PTSD ain't something you want to live with believe me!

Or worse, how about those who come back with pieces of them missing? And I ain't talking about just about an arm or a leg, but a buddy they served with who was unlucky enough to be blown in front of his company, squad, unit, recon team, etc?

I love our nation as much if not MORE than many! But, I can no longer condone the actions of our so called "leaders" Especially motherfuckers that ain't ever spent a day in boot camp, let alone "in the trenches!"

And even some of those who have served have seemed to conveniently come down with a case of amnesia when it comes to our Vets!

This is a fucking damn good story! Unfortunately, it's also TRUE from my perspective simply because it hit home so fucking hard that I don't give a shit what I write in here as long as it gets you to read it and piss you off enough to write someone and say "I'm fucking tired of this bullshit! WHY ARE SOME OF OUR HEROES DYING A BUM'S DEATH?"

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10