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Thibadeau the Pirate (the Early Years) by happyhugo

Author's Description:
The early years of Jason Thibadeau a character noted in a previous story, Thibadeau The Pirate. A peek into plantation life in the 1700's. Also naval battles during the Revolutionary War. Mostly historical, but a romance as well.
Size: 273 KB ( ~ 51,769 words)
Genre: Historical
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Historical

Review by barron of ideas   [other reviews by barron of ideas]

Reviewed: 2015-03-16

This is a good story. It starts out a kind of an information dump but Thibadeau grows as a character and at the end it's a love story.

I admit I had an ulterior motive for reviewing a story about a pirate. Yesterday, 3.14 15 was Pi day. At 9:26 it was Pi minute. 3.1415926. I also wanted to answer the question, what is a pie rate? Like corn on the cob, the rate is a buck an ear.

Now that the entertainment(?) is over, on with the review. This story is a sequel to and earlier story by this author that concerned Thibadeau's decendent's in Vermont. I didn't review that one because it had already been reviewed.

I am trying to bring stories of merit to the attention of readers of my reviews that might otherwise not be read. There are over 36 thousand stories on SOL. It's a big job, there are other reviewers, eventually we will get the job done, although new stories are added every day.

We are introduced to the hero as a 4 year old boy, his mother is married to a plantation owner in a loveless marriage but has a child by a sailor he goes to live with at 10 years of age. He spends time, 7 years learning seamanship and becomes a third mate. As one of his duties he flogs a sailor but tends his wounds and they become friends. The American Revolution happens and he is a captain of a privateer. Adventures ensue and he returns to America after the war to find his sweetheart has married another man, after she finds herself pregnant with twin sons. It turns out to be a happy marriage so the hero never sees his sweetheart or sons again, but gives the husband some of his prize money. He fights a duel and after complications in the plot decides to find his friend he flogged when he was a third mate. This friend was a gunnery officer on his privateer. We are starting to leave the info dump and get to the romance.

His search for his friend takes him to Vermont where his friend's 3 sons and 16 year old daughter live on a farm. His friend had died about two months before he gets there. He had owned a tavern before so takes his money and builds another near the farm. He gets the daughter pregnant and eventually she agrees to marry the hero.

This is not a stroke story. The plot gets a nine, because there is a lot of it. Technical quality is a nine, too. Appeal to reviewer is a seven. It's worth a read. I suspect reading the prequel would help improve its appeal.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 7