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The Exhibitionist by aubie56

Author's Description:
This is the story of exhibition shooter Abe Hofmann and his adventures after he was killed in an accident. He goes time traveling to the 1880s Old West and he has the job of killing as many bad guys as he can find. See what automatic weapons can do in a gunfight! Abe and his friends have fun with his toys, like the portable shower with no pipes. There's a little something for everybody: gunfights, sex, scifi, time travel, you name it.
Size: 242 KB ( ~ 45,890 words)
Genre: Time Travel
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Historical, Humor, Superhero, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Violent

Review by fuzzywuzzy   [other reviews by fuzzywuzzy]

Reviewed: 2009-03-03

What is a time line? I'm so glad you asked. Think of a tree; it starts off as a trunk, then branches off into two. Then each of those branches divides, not into two, but into four each, then those divide into eight each, and so on, add nausea, as the Romans would say. But why these divisions? Well it may be as simple as a leaf falling to the ground top side up, or bottom side up; and with that random act the entire future changes. So with that in mind imagine a Society that protects each and every timeline from intruders from another timeline. So, we have a young man who is offered a choice; join the Society, or die the natural death that is the alternate choice. Confusing isn't it? But never fear, aubie56 to the rescue in this romp through the timelines by a gun toting Hero, and his sidekick, until eternal peace is declared, and they live happily ever after... After all weren't they promised a reward?
p.s.,Regretfully there is only a minimal amount of sex in this story, so I gave it a N/A.

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10