The Holmes Files - Roller Skate Roundup by Lubrican

Author's Description:
Bob Holmes, private eye, was sitting in his office one day when a dame unlike any he'd ever met sashayed into his office. She wanted him to do something for her. It sounded pretty stupid. but it also sounded easy. and he needed the work, so he agreed to do it. He had no idea it would change his rough and tumble life forever.
Size: 178 KB ( ~ 33,754 words)
Genre: Humor
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual

Review by Andrew Johns   [other reviews by Andrew Johns]

Reviewed: 2009-11-18

In "The Holmes Files – Roller Skate Roundup", we have the story of a 40ish private investigator that is hired by a mid 20's woman to recover a pair of roller skates from her mother. The intrepid PI thinks "how hard can this be?" With a name of Bob, you know there has to be adventures. Read along to see how things unfold.

The sex takes a while to get to, but it is pretty hot. If you are planning to read for stroke alone, you probably won't make it to the juicy parts. They are worth the wait, but they flow with the story.

The plot itself is vintage Lubrican in humor, but even better for story telling. Everything tightly flowed from one point to the next, with that Lubrican humor keeping thing loose.

Technically, this story was very good. I even didn't mind the seemingly excessive use of commas, as they were exclusively used when describing the PI's scrambled thoughts. There was nothing to jar me out of the flow of the story.

I must say I am a real fan of when Lubrican breaks out of his normal "I'm so hot because I'm knocking her up" mode. These gems tend to let him spread his wings and show off more of his talent.

This story is written for his great editor, Peaches. And after reading this, if you don't want to meet her, I'm going to wonder about your sanity. Lubrican painted her an amazing portrait with this story.

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10

Review by The Black Knight   [other reviews by The Black Knight]

Reviewed: 2008-12-18

This story was quite surprising; more for what it didn't have than anything, but also because the style seemed a departure from a typical Lubrican story.
Technically, it was pretty good, although it wasn't flawless. Story-wise, it was damned good; a few scenes seemed forced, but the characterization was great and the storytelling was superb.

Those reading for stroke value will be disappointed. Anyone looking for a serious detective story will also be disappointed. Anyone who is open to reading a slightly satirical comedy of errors take on the classic hardboiled detective story will find this a worthy read, and one I would definitely recommend.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 8 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9