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Sam Hopkins by aubie56

Author's Description:
Sam Hopkins was a bounty hunter who was just getting by. Then his luck changed when he met Jubal Atkins, a fanatical train robber. Sam's love life took a turn for the better about that time, too. Caution: this story is told in Southern Cowboy dialect, so you may need to refer to the glossary in my blog.
Size: 175 KB ( ~ 33,185 words)
Genre: Western
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Historical, Humor, Violent

Review by barron of ideas   [other reviews by barron of ideas]

Reviewed: 2016-03-28

Got another good western for y'all. It's in western speak and I live pretty far away from there, so I will try to switch to more standard American. Aubie56 has the Western down as an art form and this older (2008) story is more evidence. It showed up as random story from the archives. They are well worth looking at if you don't see anything new that hits the spot.

It's a detective and bounty hunter story, with some romance to lend variety and make SOL readers feel at home. I don't see any reason to mention any spoilers. There are plenty of interesting episodes and enough action for several shorter stories. The ending is just right, a good life changing event.

The plot is just fine, lots of twists and turns and a variety of things happening. Each case is different enough from the ones before there is no boredom on any of the train rides, or other rides in the story. I am going to give it a nine, which is an A plus. The technical score is a little more problematical. Assuming all the western speak is acceptable, the technical score should be in the eight or nine level. I could argue about whether is should be an A or an A plus. On the other hand, a school paper turned in with the dialect approach of the story would likely get a lot lower than a C. I am going to compromise at a 7, a B and leave both points of view unsatisfied. I got used to it quickly, but there are some grammar police that will write me to accuse me of illiteracy. It's my review, it's a seven, go away. It's late in March, I haven't used my ten for appeal to reviewer yet. What the hell, it's a ten. Your mileage may vary.

Read it and make up your own mind. I don't think you will be sorry you did, even if you don't think it's a ten. Interesting characters, lots of action, a smattering of sex including some in some water, and a happy ending. This author knows what he is doing, and I hope he keeps doing it.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 7 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10