Roomers by satyricon.21

Author's Description:
Doug isn't a very nice guy. I mean, you wouldn't much want your sister to date him. He's shallow, lazy, selfish, dishonest with everybody but himself... yet somehow you can't help liking him
Size: 621 KB ( ~ 117,760 words)
Genre: Erotica
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Humor, Harem, Black Female, First, School

Review by The Black Knight   [other reviews by The Black Knight]

Reviewed: 2008-01-31

Funny thing about a first person narrative is that you can't always trust that you're getting the real story. When the narrator is someone who is up front about not letting people get too close, you have to wonder even more how much is being left unsaid. When - as in the case of Doug - the narrator continuously frames his actions and motivations in a negative manner, you really have to start believing he's lying to the reader, to himself, or both. You have to start making a few assumptions at that point, and of course each individual reader will come to his own conclusions. Personally, although some of Doug's tendencies and values are completely opposed to my own, I have come to believe he's a far better person than he lets on. Others will have to read for themselves and come to their own opinions.

Technically, this story was in dire need of editing, but still readable. The plot was a refreshing take on the MC genre, with the main limiting factors on the main character being that character's own lack of control over his power; both by lack of complete understanding of how to use it, and his reluctance to put the effort into it. Many of the characters were interesting and well developed. Dialog was a little shaky, though.

People who like mind control stories but want a change from the typical versions would do well reading this. Anyone looking for a well crafted - although not terribly well executed - story would also find it a great read. Anyone looking for a great romance, with great dialog and exceptional writing... well, there's always Frank Downey.

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 5 | Appeal to Reviewer: 7